I was able to get app to open via flatpak, it would start with a black sceen, and then when I clicked switch app the Librem 11 front light would come on and after about 10 seconds it would snap a quick image before freezing.

It didn't save that image. But I was able to take a screenshot to show the quality comparison between and `gnome-snapshot`

I also tried to load camera app, but it said
`Could not read device name from device tree. Could not find any config file.`

Regarding the 5mp back camera and 2mp front camera. I have taken 4 test shots using .

The color gradation profile could be updated to improve the color accuracy, and while not a camera for professional use, I am pleased with the results.

The first picture is the 5MP back camera


Regarding my confusion about the keyboard and case cover, for some reason I thought the was supposed to fold down like the on the right. Now that I understand the magnetic cover I would love to see of the the way the case is a kickstand on the starlite impairs functionality or not. It's so hard to get this kind of experience without buying both and getting it hands on.

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It feels really weird using environment variables that are not even 1 day old yet.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how much the community innovates so quickly and it really is person to person where things get done.

So I guess on island is on and the winds have been a factor.

I talked with residents years ago when I was there of a prior fire years back.

Very sad, wonderful people live there.

@dansup I got this message yesterday & today after clicking 2 <3's

I get that this mechanism is probably intended to curb bots but it's behaving as an anti-freature to limit how much people are allowed to interact on your platform.

Also, to not be rewarded for engagement, I suggest taking a look at this and raising the ceiling or removing it as it's a killjoy.

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