@unicornfarts 2021 part 1 was pretty good. I can really see how a TV would make a big difference as there are many darkly lit scenes. Also, as expected the bluray-era audio is a bit obnoxious with really low talking and SFX at 600%+. Without spoiling anything, the movie felt refreshing and taking risks Hollywood wouldn't dream of without straying too much from expectations of the original 1984 movie and book. The pacing is slow to which is refreshing, not Space Odysee 2001 slow, but maybe 75%. Seeing it in would be pretty sweet.

Another lost treasure of the internet is the sci.electronics.repair FAQ.


Just look at this goddamn thing. Thousands and thousands of words, chock-full of battle tested wisdom, enough to help anyone with some motivation solve their problems. Zero monetization, zero bullshit. What ever happened to that Internet? I sure do miss it.

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@syscrash @rootbsd For a moment I thought I was seeing the resurrection of fbcondecor / fbsplash used to have the coolest TTY background images back in the day

@carcinopithecus @be From my reading Google wants Firefox on life support indefinitely so they can claim in the EU that they are not a monopoly. So they certainly will press their advantage but they need a stake in their competitor much like Bill Gates invested in Apple in the 00s for similar reasons.

I want to take the Facebook outage as an opportunity to advocate for decentralized instant messaging services & social media sites like XMPP,Matrix and the Fediverse, if one of those servers goes down it won't take down global communications. In theory I should also advocate for email because it operates exactly on that basis, but nowadays wayy too many people use gmail, so if google goes down, global email communications will probably come to a standstill as well.

ARPA IN 1974: we're inventing the internet because networked comptuers are decentralized and therefore there is no single point of failure


@MrDers I use Husky. Tusky censored some content they didn't like from their App, it kind of defeats the purpose of a decentralized network, users already have the tools to block users and domains they don't want to see.

Pretty much pretty pages. #inkscape

Quick sample of the different between last week and this week's pages. Big thanks to Mikekov for the feathered page shadows, looking really professional.

@kaidao @zstix I hear some people like to host it off a LAN which sounds much easier to setup. I think most people hosting the probably also prefer physical access to the data instead of trusting the WAN

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