I've been helping @zemarmot with porting plug-ins to the new 3.0 parameter format, which sets the stage for macros and other cool things. We're down to one more left!
Since that's not very visual though, here's a new oddball file format that can be imported (requested by a user): Esm Software PIX files! Essentially a JPEG with a custom header added, these were used by a Canadian screensaver company. The sample images I've found were of actor Leo DiCaprio and low resolution swimsuit photos. :)

It feels really weird using environment variables that are not even 1 day old yet.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how much the community innovates so quickly and it really is person to person where things get done.

These seem to be turbulent times and it seems more and more people are experiencing burnout, and understandably so.

Adhominem attacks, strawman, slippery slope can be obnoxious and tiring.

As a 10y reader, I wouldnt mind seeing the site move away from disqus someday for newer articles and having discussion around a article here in the fediverse where communication can be more robust. Fedi has emojis, attachments, and some reaction emojid or awards which is much better than a simple upvote or downvote. Popularity is not the only way to measure contents value.

It would be cool to have a fediverse feed plugin at the bottom of the article and then from there the site could filter out by domain, user, or other predetermined conditions if they are not up to the sites standards. I'm just thinking out loud here.

So much has changed in 10 years, I think it was the days of digg that popularized disqus but I may be remembering wrong.

I also think it would be easier to track boosts on the

Thanks for all the great years of sharing and cool tips. Do what you need to do to recharge and remember to seek sustainability -- in personal life matters. And maybe even a layer of insulation from the outer world whatever that looks like.

Excellent work, also love the content on OMGLinux.com as well in recent times :catjam: I've picked up so many cool leads and tips over the years :computerfairies:

The dev version of #GIMP now supports importing Adobe Color Book (.acb) palettes! This is how Adobe stores the various Pantone, Trumatch, Toyo, HKS, and other print color palettes.
The files can't be included in GIMP directly, but now if you have them you can load them in for use with the other CMYK features.
In the future I'd like to add support for CxF as well as some FOSS palette formats like .kpl, .soc, and Scribus .xml.

Working on the last three plug-ins needed to finish @zemarmot's API port for #GIMP 3.0. We're also taking the opportunity to resolve a few 21+ year old request, like making sure all the PDB parameters are available in the GUI. In this case, Map Object now lets you set the radius of the sphere and the Viewpoint, 1st and 2nd Axis values in both. (GUI design still in progress!)


Muda is right ( their CEO wanted to charge players in FPS for each reload )

They showed their negligant judgment and lust for wealth and are treating it as a PR issue -- the writing is on the wall -- would be wise to see it for what it is and make the appropriate preparations.

has never looked so good, if I was in the industry I would subscribe to their patron and wipe the sweat from my brow in relief


A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Save yourself the regrets, and start now.

#life #facts #fact #lifetips #motivational #motivation #wisdom #advice

Also the work in the phone dialer seemed interesting. I'm sure many people out there would be happy to use the device over those WIFI services. I look foreward to seeing how they develop in time.

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@purism last poke for the night, if you want to release the STL file for the back of the Librem 5 I would love to 3d print a new back cover or have one made out of solid copper or aluminum.

The plasticy feel of the back doesn't have the expensive premium feel you would expect from the device like the sleek aluminum feel of the side frame.

I would hapilly order a clear case jacket for it too however so far I haven't been impressed with them in the space -- the outer shell case for example felt pretty terrible and below average.

I do think releasing the STL or cad files would encourage the community to "make the device their own" and maybe do custom color backplates which encourages the development of brand culture and loyal fanbase.

/thoughts on L5

Whoever in marketing decided to call it the "Liberty Phone" deserves a cookie. Instantly communicates how it's different, well done. Also the refresh on more ram was smart too -- I hope to see specs bumped in the future again.


I finally was able to post the order on the 4th try. I'm not too impressed with this Stripe payment processor if you want to add that to your customer feedback box.

Anyways, bitter sweet, this should be an interesting experience giving the Librem 11 a go. While the does have a solid aluminum body and tradeoffs -- including the pen, keyboard and storage upgrade the price is comparable.

I may buy that too, I do like the 4:3 aspect ratio. I look foreward to the 16:10 aspect ratio of the 11.

It may be slightly larger than I would optimally prefer and I am not the biggest fan of the vent on the side but I am sure it will be fine for Element and basic communication or even the cameras for video calls.

Someone mentioned some tablet from Juno but it was 16:9 so I instantly passed.

I see the weight has been added to the specs and would like to see more information about the mAh battery capacity however at 6 watts I am sure it will be fair or better.

I noticed information about it not having GPS built in which aligns with the ethos of purism, I wouldnt mind having it optionally in the future. Also I do think people are fond of the physical killswitches on the librem 5 -- I hope to see this come back in gen 2 (Assuming I am correct -- the images on the website could use a picture of each side of the Librem 11 similar to StarLite -- that way it could be communicated quicker which buttons there are and the location of them on the device.)

Anyways, as a Librem 5 owner, 14, and soon to be 11, you have my goodwill and many thanks for all your contributions to -- I look foreward to seeing your latest works.

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@purism Your payment processor is pretty obnoxious.

I guess I'll have to wait until day time for them stop acting paranoid to order the

Total nonsense.

I noticed the artwork on the product page shows -- I am curious how well it could handel workloads and what kind of case and cooling it has -- Aluminum? Passive or fan based

I noticed the mention of this in the last email. I am curious about what this weighs and interested in confirming the devices are on hand ready to ship?

Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet! The Librem 11 is a powerful tablet preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface. Every order comes with a keyboard case, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and 1TB of storage. Order yours today!
#Librem11 #Phosh #Purism #Tablet #PureOS

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