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WWDC is around the corner. Every year the platform I’m excited about is watchOS. This year is no different. Last year’s update was a big one. Looking forward to what watchOS 10 will bring.

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Do I know any Apple people working on HealthKit that will be around San Jose during #wwdc? #WWDC23 #WWDCCommunity

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I'm starting to feel very emotional about WWDC only being a week away; this will be my 13th as an Apple employee. I've spent my entire adult life in this role and in this community and I can't wait to see some familiar faces.

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Bombshell Louisiana Report Led To Republican Senator Rejecting Youth Trans Ban


A Republican Senator voted against a gender affirming care ban in Louisiana. Today, it was revealed he did so because of a bombshell Louisiana report showing the care is safe and effective.

#transgender #trans #lgbtq

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The most common gender affirming surgery is breast augmentation -- in cis (non-trans) women.

The regret rate is around 20%.

Gender affirming surgeries in trans people have around a 1% regret rate.

Guess which people need approval from a mental health provider...

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The #WWDC ‘23 update to the #Apple Developer app for iOS which landed today also added new stickers to the accompanying iMessage app. A few of them are animated which they’ve not done before.

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@stroughtonsmith Just in time for #wwdc, we released Where To? 12.6 with a new watchOS app completely rewritten in SwiftUI. Using Where To? you can easily find the closest and best rated restaurants, shops and services. The watch app features a new search UI, swipe-to-fave and a new complication reflecting the last viewed place from the iPhone. #showcase

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Humans are REALLY BAD at thinking at large scale, and it's on full display in this "Ha ha ha the Mythical Man-Month doesn't apply to me." It doesn't apply to you because you are working on tiny projects. Your 50-engineer project is so tiny that you don't even understand that it's tiny.

You see this a lot in warfare contexts when chickenhawks are all "Well, why don't we just invade Iran?" (or wherever. Set aside ethics for a minute.). We don't invade Iran because we're a naval power and literally don't have the force available to put enough boots on the ground to maintain control of it. But you, the chickenhawk, don't know this, because you don't understand what type of scale you need to run that type of operation.

In that thread, people are talking about how adding 25 or 50 engineers to a project can be absorbed by being clever. There are two problems with this line of argument.

The first problem is: most of your co-workers (including you and me) are not actually clever. You and I are just as bad at things as everyone else. Planning a project around the conceit of "Let's plan to be brilliant and not make mistakes" is planning a project that will fail.

The second problem is that you've never run a project at scale. When Fred Brooks was working on S/360 software, he experienced IBM trying to add ONE THOUSAND engineers to the project. Consider for just a moment that maybe the dude has a little more experience with engineering at scale than you do working on your Eggs And Milk Minder phone app.

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I only recently discovered that in Xcode 14 we can test real remote push notifications on an iOS simulator. Before, simulators couldn't provide a token, limiting us to testing on a device or using .apns payload files and simctl push command.

Now we can send notifications from a server to our app running on a simulator, and even test other features like Notification Service Extensions.

I summarized what setup is needed for this to work in my new post: nilcoalescing.com/blog/Testing

#iOSDev #Xcode

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With WWDC just around the corner, this week @marcoarment and I talk through how to make the most of your week whether you are on-site for the event or at home: relay.fm/radar/269

@sanguish I still make this dish with tofu dogs and beans. I’ve heard it called beans & franks, but I think my mom called it something else.

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WWDC 23 Labs were announced and I'm looking forward to talking to some of y'all there. Sign up early and often when they go live after the keynote on June 5th.



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Hey everyone 👋 @zenitizer is launching today and if you have a ProductHunt account a little upvote could go a really long way helping me reach potential users and would be much appreciated 🙏 (boosts encouraged too, of course 😊)


Thank You! ☺️

#launch #producthunt #newapps #apps #iosdev

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This is your periodic reminder to set up (or update) the Medical ID on your iPhone. I thought about it after my car accident last month and was surprised that it was pretty out of date.

(And tell your family. My parents had no idea it was a thing!)


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What the fuck, Slate

Me loading the article while I was online so I can read it on the go was the whole point


@overcastfm I moved two podcasts from the Archive list this morning by tapping [+] and expected them to show up in the Current list. They disappeared from both lists. I ended up going to All, tapping on the podcasts, and downloading the latest episode manually, and then they showed up in Current.

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My fellow cis Americans, I want you to look at this map. Really look at it. And I want you to imagine what it would feel like if those red states were threatening you and your family. Because, ultimately, they are.

This is what creeping fascism looks like. It will harm ALL OF US. And it will take all of us, together, to fight it.

We don't sacrifice people. We stand with our trans siblings. When their rights are threatened, all our rights are threatened.



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✨Petey 2.2 is here and it's one of the biggest updates yet!

- History & conversation details
- Streaming answers for faster responses
- New UI icons by Kevin Anderson
+ a lot more improvements and fixes

Now it's time for me to re-charge and get ready for WWDC! :)


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