Me in a nutshell: Cozy hearts and prickly F* no!s

What the literal f***, @economist_bot ?

Donald Trump marked Easter Sunday by lashing out against his legal and political opponents in ALL CAPS on Truth Social, his social media platform. The former president said crooked and corrupt prosecutors were doing everything possible to interfere with the presidential election.
Joe Biden struck a more temperate tone, vowing to work for peace, security and dignity for all people.

Dear @espn Can you please put QR codes on either side of the score box that link to the team rosters during the NCAAW basketball tournament? It would save some time for folks like me who don’t watch many games in the regular season but who are glued to the screen in March.

Scored the GWG tonight! (Also blocked a slapshot in the final minute and had to let my watch know I was OK when I landed hard enough to trigger Fall Detection. :-)

One of my directs gave me a card today with artwork done by his sister-in-law, based on his description of me to her. I 🩷 it! More of her work:

Bought some rechargeable spoke lights because I hate throwing away batteries, but realized (a) they’re a pain to take off once on, and (b) there’s no power where I store my bike at home. Testing out how I might charge the lights at the same time as the bike with this prototype setup in my office. (Real charging will be in the bike room.)

See me? The lady in the Tesla turning left from Central onto Hamilton in Campbell apparently couldn’t. Or she thought that as a Tesla, she had right of way when turning left on a green when no other vehicle would.

Why do all the posts with yahoo news links preview like this for me? Did I last follow a link that was in French?

Are there any ballparks in the US that have cheese plates? I feel like that would be a nice option.

Just listened to the related Vergecast podcast, and this came up again in the context of third-party audio apps. Like the now playing controls in iOS Control Center and Lock Screen, watchOS 10 shows whatever audio is playing. I’m listening via Overcast on the phone.

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Great to see some coverage of the watchOS 10 redesign!

Not true that the Smart Stack is limited to first-party apps, tho. 🙂

Sitting with my Watch Frameworkers for the Keynote. Say hi if you see us! We’ll also be in the SwiftUI area for Meet the Teams this afternoon. 😊

Found some awesome stickers & pins with historic SJ signage at Recycle Books in Campbell. I have photos of so many of these! I’ll be adding the California Theater to my office pin collection.

Won our third game! Shocker, given that it was at 6:45am. Now waiting in the locker room for our final game at 8:30.

Today’s weeding task: hockey jerseys. I feel like this one might be of interest to a Silicon Valley Internet Bubble fan or collector. The Blue Martini team had the best jerseys in our Monday league, and I got an honorary one when we did some work with them. 44 because it was the year Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev 4 came out.

Changed desks yesterday and finally let go of all my lanyards in favor of pinning my conference badges to the wall (at my office mate’s suggestion). It’s a bummer to be missing WWDC20 and 21 badges—I should find the one that got me into SJT to record SOTU—but my office mate gifted me a set of unofficial ‘20 pins as a consolation.

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