Sitting with my Watch Frameworkers for the Keynote. Say hi if you see us! We’ll also be in the SwiftUI area for Meet the Teams this afternoon. 😊

Found some awesome stickers & pins with historic SJ signage at Recycle Books in Campbell. I have photos of so many of these! I’ll be adding the California Theater to my office pin collection.

Won our third game! Shocker, given that it was at 6:45am. Now waiting in the locker room for our final game at 8:30.

Today’s weeding task: hockey jerseys. I feel like this one might be of interest to a Silicon Valley Internet Bubble fan or collector. The Blue Martini team had the best jerseys in our Monday league, and I got an honorary one when we did some work with them. 44 because it was the year Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev 4 came out.

Changed desks yesterday and finally let go of all my lanyards in favor of pinning my conference badges to the wall (at my office mate’s suggestion). It’s a bummer to be missing WWDC20 and 21 badges—I should find the one that got me into SJT to record SOTU—but my office mate gifted me a set of unofficial ‘20 pins as a consolation.

A thing I like about the Mastodon app is that it doesn’t put my head behind the static peninsula in my profile photo.

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