@louiscouture I still don't understand why everything gets hated on so much as soon as only the terms "marxist" or "socialist" or "communist" are involved

As if these people would only care for names, not for the ideas behind them

@fluff @louiscouture communism is the Plague
According to Uncle Sam

Remember cold war propaganda
@duponin @louiscouture I wasn't even living yet during cold war (except for if you'd say that the cold war never really ended)
Why do people hate something based on a name when they actually want that what the name is standing for??
@fluff @louiscouture don't you learned about during school? :thinking_cirno:
(I did)

Basically: communism = very bad
@duponin @louiscouture we obviously learned about Germans past with the DDR but it never was communism = bad but rather dictatorship and violent repression = bad :blobcatcool:
@fluff @louiscouture @duponin Well might help that Germany had both of the crap…
I think in France it's quite too close to the nazi = bad, stalin = screwed up.
Which is probably quite the other way around in America :(
@lanodan @fluff @louiscouture the USA would never have a communist political party, unlike in France
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