Today i learned in Thailand they use a totally different way to measure what year it is.

I always thought itnwas odd different coubtries didnt coubt years differently. Seems they do.

Fuck AD i am using BE from now on no matter what coubtry im in!


BE year Equivalent
CE years Equivalent CE
(Thai solar)
0 544–543 BCE
1 543–542 BCE
543 1 BCE – 1 CE 0–1 CE
544 1–2 CE 1–2 CE
2483 1940–1941 1940 (Apr–Dec)
2484 1941–1942 1941
2565 2022–2023 2022
A lunisolar calendar is a lunar calendar that compensates by adding an extra month as needed to realign the months with the seasons. Prominent examples of lunisolar calendar are Hindu calendar and Buddhist calendar that are popular in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Another example is the Hebrew calendar, which uses a 19-year cycle.



this also means that CyberPunk 2077 BE would be in 1534 AD

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