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"Mysticism teaches cosmic laws and principles by which we are brought into closer consciousness of our divine power. The mystical experience of union with the One imposes upon the mystic a moral obligation — to use this knowledge for the welfare of others." Rosicrucian Manuscript

A tablespoon of a stick of butter is roughly the width of a pencil or felt pen.

After some begging, it was requested that I make some for someone else. I had to improvise.

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Today's lunch:::

Ham and cheese bagel sandwich.

-sliced lunch meat
-sliced cheese
-sliced onions(rings preferred for stability, bits shown)
=Honey optional

I made these chorizo quesadillas the other day. They were bomb except for the fact they were mushy without potatoes or whatnot.

TFW you're watching pandemic generation kids get more excited over Gauntlet for PS2 than Kirby for Nintendo Switch.

What better to do on a Thursday night than do an oil change?

Again, didn't feel like cooking. So I just threw together some reheated white rice, Hamburger with onion, and some shredded cheese. It's a similar combination to some burrito fillings.

On a side note, I'm also catching up on season 2.

Didn't really feel like cooking today, so for dinner I slapped together a beef and cheese quesadilla with fiesta cheese, hamburger, diced onion and steak seasoning

Tonight's dinner:: 2 egg omelette.

- 2 eggs
- dab of milk (apprx 4-6 tablespoons
- fiesta cheese
- hot pico de Gallo
- mushrooms
- more cheese
- shredded ham(thin lunch meat)
- Cheyenne pepper
- even more cheese

+++ Octavio's local hot sauce <3~

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