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Facebook of course! It's been around since before TimeWarner!


Is that horror movie or reality show for you, since you're a ghost?

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This just in, we seem to have lost our anchor while reporting aboard the sinking cruise ship.

Had coffee this morning.

After lunch- it's hot outside. I want chocolate milk now.

Make chocolate milk- drink 1/4. I want coffee again.

--> Pours leftover, room-temp coffee into cold chocolate milk.

Look at me, I made fancy the ghetto way.

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Life expectancy is a population-level statistic that reflects the conditions and experiences of a huge variety of people with very different health conditions and behaviors, some who die at very young ages, some who live to be over 100 years old, and lots whose life spans fall somewhere in between. Life expectancy is not a promise (or a threat!) about the life span of any single person.

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Life expectancy at age 25 is how much longer people live on average given they've survived to age 25. In medieval England, life expectancy at birth for boys born to families that owned land was a mere 31.3 years. However, life expectancy at age 25 for landowners in medieval England was 25.7.


There's no scientific research for common sense.

All attempts have led to stupid and ignorant statements that attempts to summarize broad strokes of well-rehearsed social interactions.

Don't be that guy.


>> do you own the house?
<< sir this is a Wendy's
>> I need to know this, sir. Do you own the property?
<< Please take a seat, your free water will be with you shortly.


If you played with the AC, it would be your Grandfather.


After a certain age, it becomes a design choice by neglect.


Biden >> Howya doin bud?
Trump << Im-peachy
Biden >> Same here
Trump << Wait, wut?

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