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New job has me almost training myself.

It's up to me to figure out what I need to get ramped up on, and who to talk to.

I guess that's part of the reason why it pays so well...

Time to draw the dungeons!

I stream my cartography every Mon / Wed / Fri from 1 to 4 pm Eastern.

Today we are working on the fifth map of the Tumíssan Underworld "megadungeon".

Please drop in!

As someone who always preaches RTFM...

it pains me that my mechanics manual doesn't have 'fuel filter' anywhere in the pages. It's fine though. I'll be adding a page, now that I've done some research.

Adobe: "just in case you forgot that we were assholes, here's a reminder"

bōc-rēad, n: book-red, vermilion (so named, because it was much used in ornamenting books); minium. (BOAK-RAY-ahd / ˈboːk-ˌreːad)

Just a gentle reminder that::

-your predecessors might deem you unworthy
-your successors might find you ignorant

=But you've put your past behind you
=And you've yet to decide your fate.
+In the end, you have the power to define yourself.

"It is for ourselves that we forge a personal philosophy of life. It is within that we come to see, little by little, what must be changed within our own being. We must be aware of what is possible and what is not. We cannot change anyone else's character, nor should we try to do so. Each person changes when a need for change is apparent to our own mind. When old ways don't work anymore, something different must be tried, however reluctantly. A person begins to think more autonomously when the whims of society no longer bring pleasure. Everyone will reach this point at some time - in some incarnation."

Rosicrucian Manuscript

Seems like a good day for a reminder of how quick studios are to screw over writers. In 1999, NBC moved a series from their regular network to Sci Fi Channel. My pay went from $240,000 to $0. Because my contract paid "per broadcast episode" instead of just "per episode."

The series ran. I just got nothing.

🆕 blog! “How can I have a side hustle when I don't want to pay for anything?”

I've been reading various entrepreneur books and blog posts1. One thing they all emphasise is that success often comes from finding a problem that you yourself would pay money to solve. And that's a problem for me. I don't tend to want to spend money solving problems. I'm not claiming to be a he…

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Time to draw the dungeons!

I stream my cartography every Mon / Wed / Fri from 1 to 4 pm Eastern.

Today we are heading back into Dyson's Delve II as I continue working on the fifth map of this megadungeon-in-progress.

Please drop in!


Tory voters. It's important that you vote, but did you know that YOU can do so without ID?

Please RT to let all those Tory voters know that they don't need identification!

Nicee.... Get laid off... Two weeks later, I secure a better paying job starting the week after that.

How's that for workforce turnaround?

" he abandoned his new family in favor of walking more than 600 miles on foot to reunite with his blood-kin.

While up north, he managed to establish a new home for his wife and children near his brother, even saving up a modest nest egg to bring them to Canada. This process took 11 years.

Upon returning to fetch his family, Sukanen found that not only had his love died in a flu epidemic during his absence, but their children had been separated from one another, placed in foster homes, and his old farm lay in ruin. After tracking down his only son, the two made for the Canadian border only for the boy to be rejected and sent back to his foster home."
No communication, support or foundation for your family- you leave for over a decade- and you expect everything to be fine and dandy when you get back?

Sounds like the dad that shows up at the end of Waterboy.

Graphic descriptions 

Some interesting insults:

Your existence is a derogatory remark against all remotely-sentient life.

The ability to conceive your inexistent humor is best reserved for the most ineffectual, toxic cancers of consciousness.

To have spoken to you has been a curse upon my bloodline in both past and future.

Inhaling in zealous, flesh-eviserating fire ants would have been more pleasant than being caught in the same room as you.

Your mockery of human-like resemblance had stuck God cold and the left the devil in perpetual convulsions of vomiting and seizure.

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