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BREAKING NEWS! I am looking for a pixel art tile artist for my game. I am paying real $$$.

#pixelart #jobs

#Debian 12 "Bookworm" stable will be released in a few days, and since just reviewing it "as-is" isn't super interesting, I decided to reconsider my preconceived notions about Debian as a Linux desktop.

I always felt it was outdated, and that it made it basically unsuitable for a desktop, but nowadays, that is definitely not true anymore.

So, let's look at why Debian 12 is definitely worth a try for your Linux desktop:

#Linux #OpenSource

When you spend with only your wallet and not your gut, you run the risk of eating something you can't stomach.

Stop automating bad code!

It's bad enough you can't follow set standards, but now you need to autocomplete your flawed logic and blatant security holes?!

Someone needs to be sunsetted like a popular Google project.

if you F*** over your friends, you F*** yourself over.

remember who you make contracts with over Fedi.

TFW someone famous who posts semi-anonymously responds to you directly on Fedi but off-handedly hints to it on broadcast.

New job::::

Coworkers don't know what is or who is. I threw im as a freebie, but it still went over their heads.

*Sigh* this is going to be a _rough_ tenure.

Law enforcement officials in California want to stop a bill that would end the use of keyword warrants and geofence warrants. Help us pass it to protect privacy for those seeking reproductive and gender-affirming care:

i'd like a girl who knew the difference between a c-compiler ( compsci ) and c-assembler bra factory )

[joke] On a side note, i like my data how i like my rendered bust size- big.

rewatching cyberpunk edgerunners, and remembering my earlier years.

Dinner tonight::: grilled chicken and angel hair pasta

Seeking good examples of media where there is a team of people who are the protagonist and amongst whom there is NOT a 'chosen one' or 'team leader' type. (IE, not Buffy -- even though that's a great series.)

I suppose I should look back into Chinese theater and the changes made under the CCCP in the 20th century. Not sure it's going to be what I'm looking for, though.

Boost if you would like to help give this question wider spread. 🤓

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