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"Once we come to know that by the concentration of the mind on one point, on one principle, on one desire, a power is radiated to that point with creative nature and demonstrative abilities, we will think more carefully, more constructively and more efficiently." H. Spencer Lewis

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"As long as we continue to ignore our divine side and the Divine Wisdom and highly specialized faculties and abilities we have, as long as we refuse to use them or exercise them, we will remain in all of our mental and worldly affairs, nothing more than creatures of the animal kingdom. Religions say we should put our faith in God, but as Rosicrucians, we say that we should put our faith in the Divine Consciousness, the Divine Wisdom and the Divine Powers that we all possess and which reside within each of us and remain more or less undeveloped in all human beings." H. Spencer Lewis

E2EE is really driving governments crazy. Political representatives are becoming morbidly obsessed with spying into their citizens' conversations and they've stopped using excuses.

Spain has apparently stopped pretending that they're doing it for the kids (that's always been a dumb excuse to start with). They're clearly stating that the government needs the ability to decrypt everybody's conversations, period.

I'd propose a simple idea for political representatives who talk against encryption. If any of them ever says again "it should possible for governments, and nobody else, to safely break E2EE, without any risks for privacy and security", they should be fired on the spot.

I'm sick of hearing boomer politicians with no clue of how computers work repeating this stale piece of bullshit again and again. I'm sick of their surveillance morbidness paired with their deep arrogance and ignorance. An incompetent employee who doesn't know what he/she is talking about and is in a position where their ignorance can do great harm should be fired without appeal, period.

Inside the Speyside Cooperage near Craigellachie in Moray, in the heart of distillery country. The amazing skills on display have changed little since medieval times but remain vital today. More pics and info:

#Scotland #SpeysideCooperage #Speyside #Cooperage #Scotch #Whisky #Craigellachie #Moray #UndiscoveredScotland

"There is a considerable difference between concentrating upon a dream or hope, and concentrating upon building that dream into realization." H. Spencer Lewis

Time to draw the dungeons!

Before we head back to draw an isometric projection & dungeon levels for this little fortress, I'm going to work on a "generic" fantasy setting map for Zzarchov.

I stream my work every Mon / Wed / Fri from 1-4 pm Eastern.

My new work bought me some fancy new boots. I won't let that distract me though from what I came in to do, though.

Still, it's nice having been treated for once.

New job has me almost training myself.

It's up to me to figure out what I need to get ramped up on, and who to talk to.

I guess that's part of the reason why it pays so well...

Time to draw the dungeons!

I stream my cartography every Mon / Wed / Fri from 1 to 4 pm Eastern.

Today we are working on the fifth map of the Tumíssan Underworld "megadungeon".

Please drop in!

As someone who always preaches RTFM...

it pains me that my mechanics manual doesn't have 'fuel filter' anywhere in the pages. It's fine though. I'll be adding a page, now that I've done some research.

Adobe: "just in case you forgot that we were assholes, here's a reminder"

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