The Application Layer (left) of our Driver exposes LoRaWAN Functions to Application Firmware ... Join Network, Open/Close Port, Transmit/Receive Packets

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The Node Layer (centre) in our Driver handles the networking operations for our BL602 LoRaWAN Node ... It's called by the Application Layer (left)

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Semtech Stack is structured according to IEEE 802.15.4 ... Yep LoRaWAN shares the same legacy as Thread, Zigbee and 6LoWPAN! We shall port this Legacy to

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The Medium Access Control Layer (right) of our Driver implements the LoRaWAN Protocol: Encryption, Receive Window, Duty Cycle, ... It exposes the MCPS Messaging Interface (IEEE 802.15.4) to the Node Layer (centre) via an Event Queue

Curiously, our Driver includes a Command-Line Interface (bottom) that Transmits and Receives LoRa Packets ... Directly calling the SX1276 Driver 🤔

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What's an Mbuf? Why is it used by our Driver? Mbufs are Chains of Fixed-Size Blocks ... Works great with little RAM (no fragmentation) ... Created for BSD Unix in 1983!

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...Which explains why so many folks at STMicro are now reading this Thread


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on RAKwireless can generate random Application Keys for Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA) ... We shall use keys to activate our and devices wirelessly

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Cool code Prof. Much success. Btw what os is new platform youre porting to? Old one was this apache newt right?

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