Pins on one edge of the Module are replicated ... So it's actually Breadboard-Friendly

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HopeRF RFM90 Datasheet explains VREG, DCC and VCC ... Challenging my Chinese skills


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Starting the SX1262 Driver ... Fails with an SPI Assertion Failure 😭 ... Let's find out what's wrong 🤔

(Yep Assertions are very helpful! 👍)

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Prof Lup, i prolly asked already but would you remind for old code you were moving it from apache newt to what?

And here what was source os of driver and whats dest os? Curious. And respecting You a lot for all You do.

Wish I could help You some with moving towards clang or something for ultra fast builds.

Is there option in configure on your new destination os to use clang instead of gcc? Is it hackable in that direction?
I wished i helped with it.


That's very interesting!

I live in an almost total shadow of the cellular network where I live in the countryside. I have looked into building a receiver to bring the signal inside but have not got around to doing anything about it. Reading this gives me more of an impulse to look deeper into it again.

Thanks for your postings.

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