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'This paper proposes Out-of-Things Debugging, an online debugging approach especially designed for systems ... Upon a failure or breakpoint, Out-of-Things Debugging moves the State of a deployed application to the Developer’s machine"

Eduponics Mini: Smart agriculture kit with sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, light, water level and soil moisture ()

PineDio Stack BL604 @PINE64 is a board that’s packed with features: Touchscreen, LoRa, WiFi, BLE, GPS and more.

In this presentation we’ll talk about the porting of Apache RTOS to PineDio Stack, how we simplified the developer onboarding, and our plans to support and LVGL Apps in .

What if we could drag-and-drop Apache Sensors to create Apps? In this presentation we’ll explore , the web-based toolkit for Visual Programming, and how we might customise Blockly to create Apache NuttX Sensor Apps.

We’ll also discuss the Programming Language, and why Blockly will generate NuttX Sensor Apps as Zig programs.

Programming and Sensors ... The Drag-and-Drop Way! Join us this weekend at Apache RTOS Online Workshop, Sep 24-25

Free Registration:

What if we could drag-n-drop Sensors ... To create prototypes for Apps? All shall be explained in this article

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