has anything changed here?

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@maison_faim The local timeline should give a pretty decent indication of how active we are.

You can also look at our active user count, which is higher than most instances and the ratio of active to inactive users is exceptionally high for a fediverse instance.

So I'd say we are pretty active, yea, but thats p to you to judge yourself.

@freemo I sometimes wonder if it's because of my timezone that I find it too silent.

@maison_faim Thats possible. I dont really have any numbers to suggest which timezones are most active.

Asking if anything has changed (here), @maison_faim , is a tougher question than you think.
In Toronto, we are in year 2 of an espoused 10-year project on Systems Changes .
We are converging on 5 questions along 5 philosophies (phenomenology, ontology, epistemology, phronesis, techne).
This is extending systems thinking for an audience that talks "systems change", but doesn't have a firm foundation.
Lots more work to do.

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