Yup well they shouldn’t be surprised if civilians get hit then.

@marathon0 “I’m gonna break into your house shove a gun into your wife’s mouth and then shoot, all because you were stupid enough to grab a knife at the moment… it’s all your fault… I mean why were you hiding behind your wife’s scull? also yeah, there is a guy on that apartment building, I got this situation totally under control, I’m winning on all fronts, and this clean military operation is going as planned, therefore I see only one noble, brave and righteous solution to this problem… destroy the whole building!”


Ukraine propaganda is claiming that the Russian Army is targeting civilians—They are not. However, they will return fire on machine gun nests and ATGM teams using civilian buildings. That’s fair game. You can’t have it both ways.

@marathon0 It’s a fair game in a fair war. Russia is not at war with Ukraine, according to it’s leadership. Get your propaganda straight. They have not invaded without a warning or a declaration, no, they are carrying out a special operation and have got everything under control.

@namark Yeah OK. There is no such thing as a “Fair War”. You speak like someone who has never been a soldier! Anyway, believe what you want—If you can’t see that the West’s propaganda has been overwhelming since this ‘war’ started, you aren’t very intelligent.

@marathon0 Did you even read what I wrote? There is no war, if you want to shill for russia at least get that part straight. If there is a war, whether you put it in quotes or not, then there is no justifications for russia.


@namark You’re going to be arguing with yourself if you keep up this kind of dialogue. You’re simply not interested in ANY truth, and your mind is made up that Russia is the bad guy. Why is that?

@marathon0 Try reading again, I can’t chew it up any further for you, sorry.

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