Facebook m'interdit de parler des pigeons. Voilà autre chose...

In 2023, OpenEdition Books reached the milestone of 14,000 books published online – what a way to celebrate its 10th anniversary! It has been a decade marked by collaborative work with publishers and partners, new technologies and upgrades, innovative projects and cross-team discussions: in other words, ten years of resounding success! A tremendous thank you to everyone who has contributed these last ten years to making OpenEdition Books an indispensable humanities and social sciences hub. oep.hypotheses.org/3346

Ma grand-mère a 104 ans cette semaine. Elle vit chez ma mère. Joue à la belote chaque jour. Lit plusieurs livres par semaine en police 16 ou 20. Rock'n'Roll Mamée Suzanne !

Y a-t-il des ethologues dans la salle ? Pour me dire ce qu'ils pensent de ce documentaire assez scripté je trouve.

Je recrute ! On recrute ! Nous recrutons ! Un très beau poste est ouvert pour m'accompagner dans la mise en oeuvre du Plan national pour la science ouverte. Nous recherchons l'adjoint(e) au coordinateur national de la science ouverte. choisirleservicepublic.gouv.fr

New UVM Press Breaks Down Barriers to Scholarly Publishing - The University of Vermont has launched has open access diamond university press. The contents will be free to read, but also free to publish. Congratulations ! uvm.edu/news/story/new-uvm-pre

NIH blocks projects of two researchers who fail to make clinical trial results public

The world’s largest medical research funder has blocked two researchers from launching new projects after they violated NIH policies on clinical trial reporting. transparimed.org/single-post/g

The Council of the European Union has adopted conclusions calling for scientific publishing to be transparent and of high quality, with immediate and unrestricted open access for all.

These Council conclusions extend and further stress the conclusions on research assessment and the implementation of open science from its June 2022 meeting under the French presidency. They also align with the policies set out in the Second French Plan for Open Science. ouvrirlascience.fr/the-council

EU research ministers make fresh call for a full transition to free open access publishing
Open science advocates see room for ‘game changing measures’ in ministers’ stance, while publishers warn against ‘knee jerk policy interventions’

Joint statement: Council conclusions on not-for-profit scholarly communication ecosystem - We welcome the adoption by the Council of the European Union (EU) of the conclusions on high-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy, and equitable scholarly publishing. As key public research and innovation actors in Europe, we are committed to supporting the development of a publicly owned, not-for-profit scholarly communication ecosystem in collaboration with policymakers in Europe and beyond. scienceeurope.org/our-resource

Please contribute to this survey on practices that support scaling of research reproducibility reproducibility.limesurvey.net

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News from Spain: The Council of Ministers just approved the Spain's National Open Science Strategy. CoNOSC congratulates Spain on this important milestone. News in Spanish @FECYT_Ciencia ciencia.gob.es/Noticias/2023/m.

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French Monitor 2022
👉67% of scientific publications and 71% of doctoral theses published in 2021 are open access
👉New indicators on research data, codes and software in beta version
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Plus que 10 jours pour candidater pour le prix du de la recherche 2023, proposé par le Ministère @sup_recherche et le Comité @ouvrirlascience. Toutes les informations pour candidater ici ⤵️

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