NIH blocks projects of two researchers who fail to make clinical trial results public

The world’s largest medical research funder has blocked two researchers from launching new projects after they violated NIH policies on clinical trial reporting.

The Council of the European Union has adopted conclusions calling for scientific publishing to be transparent and of high quality, with immediate and unrestricted open access for all.

These Council conclusions extend and further stress the conclusions on research assessment and the implementation of open science from its June 2022 meeting under the French presidency. They also align with the policies set out in the Second French Plan for Open Science.

Further updates to the Open Access Directory listing of journals that are open access thanks to the 'Subscribe to Open' model:

* added 4 De Gruyter journals
* added 1 Mohr Siebeck journal (Religion in the Roman Empire)

Now 119 journals in total & growing by the day

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EU research ministers make fresh call for a full transition to free open access publishing
Open science advocates see room for ‘game changing measures’ in ministers’ stance, while publishers warn against ‘knee jerk policy interventions’

BIG preprint has just dropped:
"Wikipedia and open access"

"We find that open-access articles are extensively and increasingly more cited in Wikipedia. What is more, they show a 15% higher likelihood of being cited in Wikipedia when compared to closed-access articles, after controlling for confounding factors. This open-access citation effect is particularly strong for articles with low citation counts, including recently published

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#OpenAccess #Wikipedia

Joint statement: Council conclusions on not-for-profit scholarly communication ecosystem - We welcome the adoption by the Council of the European Union (EU) of the conclusions on high-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy, and equitable scholarly publishing. As key public research and innovation actors in Europe, we are committed to supporting the development of a publicly owned, not-for-profit scholarly communication ecosystem in collaboration with policymakers in Europe and beyond.

Meta reçoit une amende record d’1,2 milliard d’euros pour avoir transféré des données personnelles d'utilisateurs de Facebook
«Meta a sciemment enfreint la loi pour générer des profits pendant dix ans », souligne le fondateur de NOYB, @maxschrems

Please contribute to this survey on practices that support scaling of research reproducibility

Data is not available upon request "Only 25% of articles’ authors actually shared data upon request. Among articles stating that data was available upon request, only 17% shared data upon request."

Au Canada, les incendies continuent de progresser, 30 000 personnes évacuées
L’état d’urgence a été déclaré samedi dans l’Alberta, où le feu continuait dimanche de ravager forêts et zones habitées, notamment dans le nord de la province.]

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News from Spain: The Council of Ministers just approved the Spain's National Open Science Strategy. CoNOSC congratulates Spain on this important milestone. News in Spanish @FECYT_Ciencia

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French Monitor 2022
👉67% of scientific publications and 71% of doctoral theses published in 2021 are open access
👉New indicators on research data, codes and software in beta version
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