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French Monitor 2022
👉67% of scientific publications and 71% of doctoral theses published in 2021 are open access
👉New indicators on research data, codes and software in beta version
@sup_recherche @Inria @Univ_Lorraine

Interesting debates in the multilateral dialogue of the European Commission with dozen of countries in the world. We see a strong convergence of open science policies. @SChevalieruB
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The on values and principles in international R&I cooperation continues. 125 participants from more than 40 countries connected for the Open Science workshop, co-moderated by France. Marin Dacos @…

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📽La capsule "La thèse en accès ouvert" déclinée du Passeport pour la vous renseigne sur les étapes du dépôt d’une thèse et les enjeux du choix de la diffusion en des thèses (1/2)

I will give a conference in Delhi this monday, before a G20 meeting under indian presidency, where we will discuss open science.
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📣Join the French Institute in India and @IFCPAR for a lecture on "Open Science in Europe and France" featuring French National Open Science Coordinator, Marin Dacos. Learn about transparent, accessible, and reproducible research on March 27th at 11 am @JNU_officia…

Pourquoi la revue Mutations en Méditerranée (MeM) a choisi d’être sous la licence Creative Commons CC-BY ? somum.hypotheses.org/9968

With our open source methodology it is possible. Not easy but possible. @weisenburger_e
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Mucha envidia de Francia. Para cuándo una herramienta así aquí?

Open Call for Proposal - Roadmap and budget projections for a technology-based collaborative translation service dedicated to open scholarly communication. operas-eu.org/call-roadmap-and

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⏰ You have until Friday to apply to our expression of interest and get a chance to become the next infrastructure supported by @scossfunding.

Follow our last members @datadryad @ResearchOrgs and @LAReferenciaAA and complete the online form: docs.google.com/forms/d/1tSeT9

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I'm looking for scholars/experts from the global south (do not have to be in academia) who'd consider joining a psychology conference in Washington DC in spring for a talk on (aligned with the UN's open science priorities).
Do you have any recommendations?

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🇫🇷 The French National Fund for Open Science's first activity report presents the work carried out from 2019 to 2021 : calls for projects on open scientific publishing, support to infrastructures and to the Recherche Data Gouv ecosystem

La Maison Blanche déclare que 2023 sera l'année de la science ouverte (initiative initialement portée par la seule NASA).
Big news from @WHOSTP on advancing open & equitable research: 2023 announced as the Year of Open Science across the U.S. government! whitehouse.gov/ostp/news-updat

I am looking for an more recent reference about the global impact of the Human Genome Project. This article is dated from 2013 and I guess that there could be an updated research on this topic ? Wadman, M. Economic return from Human Genome Project grows. Nature (2013) doi:10.1038/nature.2013.13187.

I have heard, during a meeting, that all japanese research papers are translated into japanese. It is true? It seems to be impossible... Thank your help.

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We are ! Call for applications now open (deadline: 28 February 2023) for a 12-month Research Fellow position to work on managing and developing the technical infrastructure of - more info at: bandi.unibo.it/ricerca/assegni

Congratulations to Romania for their national open science strategy !
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Romania’s National Strategy launched today - The White Paper on the transition to Open Science 2023-2030 @uefiscdi @CoNOSC_Council @OpenAIRE_eu @NI4OS_eu
bit.ly/OSWhitePaperRO twitter.com/uefiscdi/status/16

📢The Government of Ukraine has approved a National Action Plan and mandated all Ministries to ensure that it is implemented! @EIFLnet's @irynakuchma is a member of the Working Group that developed the plan ℹ️bit.ly/3uPm1qd

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