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One of my favourite display cases in the new #Insectarium of #Montréal . The #beetles are so beautiful!
It took countless hours by the #entomology technicians to pin the specimens and to create this masterpiece. The other display cases are just as impressive :)
(I work with a fantastic team)

Via Menno Schilthuizen on Twitter: Why do so many animal species have genitalia? Sanne van Gammeren flash-froze fruit flies in the act to see if she could solve this question. Her study was published today in

Kirby's 1802 book titled Monographia Apum Angliae (A Monograph of the #Bees in England), attributes the name of the bee to the Rev. Goodenough with the following Latin explanation:
A viro Reverendo S. Goodenough, LL. D. Ca¬nonico Windsoriensi, Botanico summo tum et in Entomologia lynceo, nomen suum haec Apis mutuatur.
…roughly translated as:
This bee is named after the Reverend Samuel Goodenough, LL. D. Canon of Windsor, Chief Botanist of the time and in #entomology very sharp-sighted.

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Per januari ben ik weer beschikbaar voor een mooie klus. Liefst 16-20 uur.
Steekwoorden: regio, samenleving, natuur, cultuur, inspireren, verbinden, aanjagen, creatief, samenwerken, impact, duurzaamheid, zachte krachten en vuur!

Ben of ken jij iemand die me helpt?

Dr Sarah Kachovich 🌊🚢🐚🔬🏔  
Happy birthday Esther Applin (middle)🎉 🥳🎊 —in 1921 Esther suggested that #microfossils could be used in stratigraphy, but was ridiculed: “Gentlemen...

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Guten Morgen aus Kyjiw.

Exakt 17 Stunden ohne Strom, Heizung, Wasser und fast ohne Empfang in meiner Wohnung.

Ab 7 Uhr Ortszeit geht es zum Teil wieder.

Denke vor allem an Menschen in Städten wie Charkiw, die mit dieser Realität viel länger direkt konfrontiert sind.

Question: is labeling a picture in your message as "sensitive content" also a way of improving the performance of the server, by alowing it not to be fully loaded until it is clicked on?

Are you unfamiliar with the terms #STED, #PALM, #STORM, #SMLM, #MINFLUX, & #MINSTED, but would you like to learn more about these #superresolution #microscopy technologies🔬? If so, then you should check out #StefanHell's #Lindau presentation 🤓 Enjoy👉

Dit akelig prachtige en actuele gedicht schreef Mark Boog 10 jaar geleden al in NRC next.

Augochloropsis Metallica bee illustration made with coloured pencil on A3 black mount board. 🐝

Probably one of the most beautiful bee species I've had the pleasure of drawing - I really enjoy its intense green tones. Its like a buzzing emerald!

#bees #science #ScienceMastodon #sciart #scicomm #illustration #art #scientificIllustration #etymology #drawing #insects

Hairy-footed Hairy-legged Bee (Dasypoda plumipes) illustration made with coloured pencils on a A2 board panel. 🐝

Another large-scale illustration - this time of a species I see a lot of in the UK. They use their bushy hind legs to collect and transport pollen!

#SciArt #Science #ScienceMastodon #bees #art #insects #Scicomm #invertebrates #entomology #illustration

Lees vooral ook dit mooie artikel van Marie-José Klaver naar aanleiding van het verschijnen van dit prachtige boek.

Poldermanie des Vaderlands  
Wat een prachtig boek. En dan bedoel ik natuurlijk de inhoud, maar het ziet er ook zó mooi uit, zo liefdevol en zorgvuldig gemaakt. Dol op. @JaapRo...

Also true for flies. Especially some cave dwelling fly families living on bats are wingless and look more like spiders.

Bees & Wasps of Ireland  
Did you know? Not all species of wasp have wings (apterous). And there are species with greatly reduced wing size too (brachypterous). First two p...

Metro 010, een stripverhaal over Rotterdam ligt morgen in de boekhandel. Initiatief van Ellen Schindler, verhaal geschreven door Abdelkader Benali, mmv vele striptekenaars , illustratoren, fotografen, poëten, vormgevers, historici en schrijvers.

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