@metapsyche So Big Bounce will inevitably lead to another new Big bang. So humankind is doomed no matter how far we go/ what we do?
Sad :)


Not entierly. There are plenty of possibilities, in theory, to survive it. Escape to another universe for example.


@freemo @metapsyche Yes, plenty of possibilities. But at least according to this theory, they say that it will lead to Big-Bang again. Big-Bang typically starts with 'initial singularity', so there's way we can escape to any conceivable universe.
If, and only if this theory is true, then no universe-ians ( We are currently Milky-way- Fers :leibniz: ) can escape.


We are too deep into iffy theory to say for sure if it will happen or if we could escape. But there are some theories from HAwkings which would let you escape to entierly new universes through any blackhole in out current universe. Presuming this is true then by escaping in this manner would effectively protect you from any demise of this current universe.

With that said I'm not to sure if that would "work" even if the theory is true. Time dialation as you approach the event horizon of the blackhole would ensure you'd expiernce the death of this universe right before you hit the event horizon. As such it would probably still get ya, so I dunno...


@freemo @metapsyche Yes! Future human generations are either so lucky to have mastered the ways to warp jump and witness it ( or ) doomed to fail *cries in interstellar * :picardfacepalm:

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