Using an AI assistant for guidance regarding my use of the English language. These are fascinating times.

Ilgomano (la pรชche au thon en boรฎte, dโ€™aprรจs Salvador Dalรญ)
April 2024
61 cm ร— 91 cm, acrylic and brass leaf on plywood

Here is Instagram preventing me from posting a link to the web. The "Report a problem" link does nothing.


It's so sad that people and artists in particular are generally bad at managing websites. It's so easy to create your own gallery page with paintings of other artists, directly linking to their galleries. If everyone did this, there would be an infinite gallery of artworks for everyone to visit; without ads or other imposed content.

Dear @QOTO, I'm getting a "500" error when searching for these Mastodon users on other servers in an attempt to follow them:
- @paulg
- @marius
I use the advanced web interface (screenshot). I checked that the server doesn't block according to

Xu Hongming exhibit at Qualia in Palo Alto. I recommend seeing this in person if you have a chance. It's huge.


- What does it mean to be intentional with your work?
- It's to show that you're in control. It's an essential component of macho culture.

The Time Traveler (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us. And then the dragons arrived.

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