A natural mind is an emerging system that shares the following properties with a cyclone:
- has a lifetime
- has a center that's defined in space with good accuracy with respect to the center of any other cyclone i.e. they are easy to distinguish from one another
- their spatial boundaries are fuzzy
- their start date is fuzzy
- their end date is also fuzzy but perhaps less so than their start date

Much of this model goes out the window when considering artificial minds implemented and clonable with modern computers.

Semi-wild Psilocybe cyanescens (wavy caps) and Psilocybe allenii have started to pop in large numbers in the Bay Area. This is the first week of the season with more than one rainy day. Harsh weather, I know.

Google Translate is being confused. It thinks "calaveras" is more likely to be an English word than a Spanish one, and of course, fails to translate it into anything.

It means "skulls".

The Florentine Codex is now available for browsing online: florentinecodex.getty.edu/

The Florentine Codex is a 2400-page account of the Aztecs as encountered by the Spaniards in the 16th century. It is notable not only for the novelty and completeness of its material but also for including the perspective of the locals rather than only of the colonists.

Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florenti

What does the little "40" mean in the Yahoo weather app?

I used to think it was a 40% probability of "getting rained on" but seeing it next to a sunshine forecast is confusing.

Interesting spelling for "Ampèrian". In French, it's spelled "ampérien" with an acute accent, not "ampèrien" which would look and sound wrong even though it's derived from "Ampère".

I resorted to this animated gif to display a small gallery on my art website. I think it works better than having to flip through each image. martinj.art.

This is fog drip: fog from the Pacific Ocean crashing into trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains of northern California. Note how dry it is everywhere except under the tree where it's pouring. These are pretty much the only spots where we can find mushrooms around here in the Summer months.

I have a soft spot for Albert Bierstadt's paintings that depict California's wilderness as he found it in the 19th century. The composition is romanticized but overall the elements of this painting - including the size of the trees - are realistic.

A summary of my current interests: my hashtag column in Mastodon's advanced web interface.
It's missing something about artificial intelligence but I don't know a hashtag that covers what I'm interested in.

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