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Walmart heir wants museums to attract more people and donates $40 million to help.

Alice Walton's foundation Art Bridges is providing $40 million in grants to 64 museums around the country .

She believes all museums should be free #museums #ArtBridges

Wiktionary nous donne "l'enfer est pavΓ© de bonnes intentions" et la variante "le chemin de l'enfer est pavΓ© de bonnes intentions". Γ‡a marche pour moi.

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If you're blind:

Does it help if we tag abstract art images in toots with an "alt" description? What kind of description do you appreciate?

(my take is: I label abstract paintings with just "abstract painting" so as to make them easy to ignore but I don't try to describe them because it would be futile in my opinion much like summarizing poetry)

@rl_dane German 'ΓΆ' is pronounced more or less like a French 'eu'. The closest in English would be the 'u' in 'purr'.

Interesting spelling for "Ampèrian". In French, it's spelled "ampérien" with an acute accent, not "ampèrien" which would look and sound wrong even though it's derived from "Ampère".

Did you know it takes 40 Olympic-size swimming pools of sap to make 1 Olympic-size swimming pool of maple syrup?

I sincerely apologize to those I offended or will offend in the future. Rest assured that it has never been my intention to hurt anyone as it would benefit neither of us. This was only poor communication on my end. Now get used to it or kindly fuck off.

I need to find out when the word for "mind" (Latin: mens, Sanskrit: manas) disappeared from the French language and some other European languages.

I call the mind the last taboo of rationalist society.

Do you understand approval voting?

@Great_Albums @lowqualityfacts it's "whoever", not "whomever" because it's the nominative case (as in Latin, German, etc.) which I just learned is also named the subjective case in English. The nominative case applies to the subject but also to the complement if the complement is the same thing as the subject. For example, in "I am a Berliner", both "I" and "a Berliner" use the nominative case because they describe the same thing. However, in "I eat a Berliner", "a Berliner" is not equivalent to the subject and therefore uses another case. This is poorly explained here and there:

oh wow, Mastodon supports approval voting! Let's see if we can make Donald Trump win.

Tell us, who's qualified to be US president?

My website doesn't ask you if you want cookies. It doesn't track you. It doesn't even use JavaScript. You're welcome.

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