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rare driving through kentucky on a really foggy humid night hi-fi phonk triphop mix [no pickles dub]- 10 hours - nEWEsT!

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follow requests are always welcome, i only have it on lockdown because of creepers. don't feel left out if i don't follow you back, you probably just don't have any posts i find interesting, or, far more likely, mostly post in a language i don't speak. which is, you know .. most of them.

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the sorting hat put me in to Gryffindor but i've always felt more like a Hufflepuff

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please don't go
the drones need you
they look up to you

I let them run obfuscated, closed code on my machine in good faith and they violated that faith for their own benefit.

Relationship over. Not a second thought about it.

At least now I have a good excuse to delete another Electron app.

Radical kindness and empathy are all things we should try to practice more. ✨

Art, heat, computing 

Welcome to 2020; where the facial-recognition dystopia fails because everyone wears masks to ward off a proto-apocalyptic virus.

imagine wanting to be president of the united states

By the time I was looking at the nightmare that was autotools I just closed my laptop. What a failure of technology.

Soulmates are real. The common usage of the Internet means there are more people with soulmates.

proposing a new 3 axis alignment chart for organizing fictional characters

alc ref 

I can't believe I'm doing this, but how do I find out about which billionaires hate other billionaires? I need your help.

Magic should be for every one. Fuck degrees and masters and all authoritive figures that claim to be the gatekeepers of truth.

Whats your favorite type of matter phase transformation?

what your ideology says about you

anarchist: childhood trauma

communist: prone to nostalgia

post-leftist: needy for attention

had two cups of chamomile tea before bed last night and i don't remember my head hitting the pillow. hell yeah herbs

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