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follow requests are always welcome, i only have it on lockdown because of creepers. don't feel left out if i don't follow you back, you probably just don't have any posts i find interesting, or, far more likely, mostly post in a language i don't speak. which is, you know .. most of them.

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the sorting hat put me in to Gryffindor but i've always felt more like a Hufflepuff

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please don't go
the drones need you
they look up to you

I'm just a confused, basic, privileged, white USA guy, randomly reading about coronavirus and SARS.

Why would someone want to buy a live bat from a marketplace? What would one do with it?

I'm probably the last one to hear that Star Trek: Picard is out, so I'm gonna watch and toot my frustrations in real time. :blobowo:

Don't worry, I'm CWing.

three cases of coronavirus in australia now yeet

@mngrif that takes me back. In fact, that might've been the first open-source software I put onto a device. And now Linux has been my daily driver for a decade, I've had Cyanogen/Lineage on my phone for the past five years, OpenWRT on my router for about the same... but it all started with RockBox on a little Sansa.

It's a gateway drug, parents.

serious posting 

oh wow i found my old Sansa Fuze mp3 player! time to play some DooM!

j/k i forgot what the name is of that alternate OS. rockbox? sounds right. i don't have it installed, it was great but required more actions to *play music* than the stock firmware, which is important when driving.

(holding a can of worms)
i can show you the worms
shining, shimmering, splendid

The Queen of England but she's a SCP article.

I need to avoid fedi before my morning caffeine hit.

is pulling good ol' 5v @ half an amp off a usb c connector trivial?

Oh, and if there are any other Arizona residents on Fedi, please tell me if you saw anything strange in the sky tonight either

/. really needs to CW headlines like this, especially when it's recoverable. gave me a fright.

"Mars Rover Is Frozen In Place Following Software Error"

which pin of a DVI cable do i need to yoink to get that awesome mostly-magenta look?

"yo mamma so fat her patronus is a cake" damn that's brutal yo

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