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still crunched for floor & shelf space, i threw my porn server on my desk and plugged it in. the sound of a dozen hard drives two feet from my face is rather ... cacophonous.


and by that i mean he is an actual deer whom I met in the woods and trained to use mastodon :)


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to be clear, i am talking about the collab ketchup released by heinz and ed sheeran

"A lone sailor manages to break a taboo while out at sea, either going out too far or going out at the wrong time of month. A ten-foot tall Umi-Bouzu rises out of the sea to threaten the fisherman, by asking him if he has ever seen anything so frightening before. The fisherman replies that nothing frightens him more than having to make a living. The Umi-Bouzu, stunned by the fisherman's reply, vanished instantly."

This is an Edo period story. Not much has changed!

🚢 :ghost_owo:

turns out OG MP works VERY WELL, at least darkplaces' fork of the engine's server browser is :100:

i forget just how cramped these early deathmatch levels were.

i spent a bit of time blasting through the first six levels of episode 2 last night. i barely remember the levels from when i last played Quake.

i know the Build engine has been in the news a lot recently, and i can't help but feel there's a similar goldmine to be had with id tech 3 or whatever the proper name is for the Quake 1 engine.

how does modern day OG multiplayer work? what client do we use? server browser?

i will pistol whip the first person to suggest gamespy.

i don't want to spoil this for anyone, but i just finished it and it's fabulous. it's certainly not for everyone, but it's really wonderfully creative and heartfelt. if you are into godzilla movies and want to see something really different i'd definitely recommend it.

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