i'm taking a break from here. probably for a while. i'll keep the account rather than request deletion for DMs and such. i also still may still make use of some services such as Discourse.

thank you <3

humans: “wow, i can’t believe AIs can be fooled so easily by just changing a few pixels! AIs sure are dumb”
also humans: “this completely still pattern is *definitely* moving in and out”

@georgia mine is and it still leaks. either it complains about water in the charging port or the selfie camera fogs up for a week after i wash the fk out of it.

for a quick rinse it's fine tho. for non-rated phones back in the day i would still give them a rinse, just totally avoid the ports or block them with a finger.

alcohol dries so quick it won't damage anything.

as someone working as a cook and spending a great deal of their time learning about food production, conservation and preparation, I suppose I've got tons of #FediKitchen tips but idk where to begin so AMA I guess?

to be fair if you let me choose between my curiosity and my sanity i will always pick the curiosity

@freemo all debian releases are "LTS" but yes critical updates still get pulled in up until the feature freeze for the next named release. then everyone is expected to dist-upgrade to the next release and THEN yes the 2nd oldest version goes dead, with the oldest only receiving security updates (and backports which are sketchy)

it's this blurred line between rolling and not. leaning towards rolling. but not. if you want full rolling then you run Sid, if you want API stability then you run the latest numbered release and can chose to dist-upgrade later, or be safe in knowing it will be supported for several years past then. the fact that you don't have to decide *now* is one reason why i like it.

@freemo correct but updates DO work their way back. pretty certain the security repo didn't properly pull the Release file causing it to not update.

meanwhile on my Sid machine:

1813 upgraded, 233 newly installed, 0 to remove and 493 not upgraded.
Need to get 1,643 MB of archives.
After this operation, 2,675 MB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

been like 3 months since i updated my debian install and , uh , there's only one package needing updated.

something is broken.

lewd implications 

archive export started. i'll tuck it in with my G+ export and never look at it again.

@wizard @BananaNut_Muffin fantastic set, can't wait to snarf up the tracks! i needed this genre back in my life

This next song is going to be the last I think. I could keep going but I've got other things to do lol

new pandemic new me.
be nice to everyone or else.

The hour's almost up but I still want to play more music 🎵

@wizard keep it going I'm out running errands. shit is LIT

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