Good Morning • Guten Morgen • Buenos Días
The angry stray cat is in mood for pats today morning :blobcatpats:

The melodic beginning to 2023 is here.
A Composition which started in the late hours of 2022 and ended at the dawn of 2023.

music:- @mur2501
picture:- @mur2501 (Showcases a Oriental White-Eye couple)

was Blacky.
I found Blacky nearby my house crying for help. He was very malnourished and thin. He probably had lost his mother. I took him home (My mother doesn't allows any pets) with alot of problems.

I fed him and played with him like a cat mom for a week. Eventually I had to give him up to someone else as my mom hates animals. The 7 days with Blacky were a fabulous journey full of happiness, emotions and little meows and screams of this fluffy one.

(Blacky died in a car accident a few months back while living with his adoptors)
RIP Blacky 🖤

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Meanwhile the stories of muslim friends on instagram :blobfoxcrylaugh:

I am seeing we are gonna get Edit feature soon @freemo @trinsec ??
this was posted on v3.6, masto already on v4

Small natural water reservoir near my town. It's fed water coming from the mountain seen in the distant during the rainy season. During summer alot of the water eveporates and leaves behind a spongy grashy land covered with dried water plants. Some fisherman use the reservoir to catch small fishes. There are also many fresh water crabs around the shore. Originally the reservoir was used for supplying small farms and keeping rain water backups for drinking but now it's too small for the purpose and the streams feeding it water from the mountains are atlast diverted to other places.

So falsy is truthy and truthy is falsy, there never existed nullsy then who fucked nancy? :blobfoxconfused:

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