@freemo I swear domain subscription worked a few moments ago, but now it's like this

@namark you dont add the https:// part when you add a subscription, just the part thats why :)

@freemo I tried that first didn't work, and thought I needed https, it worked one time with https(I think), but then I added more domains and it stopped working... I'll start over without https and report back

@namark Also keep in mind it does take a minute before it will start filling up. It only shows toots made AFTER the list is created. So if you subscribing to a slow instance that doesnt have many updates then it may not show right away.

Also keep in mind if an instance has us blocked it wont circumvent that.

@freemo I see, worked without https, I expected it to show old toots as well, that's what confused me initially. Thanks!

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