guess the language! 

unnecessary indirection,
unnecessary allocation,
unnecessary bound checks,
runtime type information,
overuse of abstractions,
global state in libraries,
long names.
repeated half-assed reference counting,
repeated half-assed implementations of common data structures/algorithms,
tons of fragile platform specific code.

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guess the language! 

I am not sure if it is Python or Java. I would not call it half-assed in Python, so perhaps its the latter?

guess the language! 

@ashwinvis didn't know Java was so bad. I assumed it wouldn't have
global state in libraries, long names, repeated half-assed reference counting and tons of fragile platform specific code... though I have heard some horror stories about Java ME.

@clacke Hmmm... I though I would miss every garbage collected language with that one, but everyone (you and one other person) seems to offer Java up...

@namark Ah. Gotcha. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yeah, as far as I know there is no RC in Java. The rest just seemed so very closely targeted that I thought maybe I had missed something. ๐Ÿ˜€

Is it C++?

@clacke noooo, not my favorite language, plzzz!... but close =)

@clacke It probably deserves it, but not what I had in mind... only thing I know about it is that either function definition or function call syntax is terrible.

@clacke Think of it this way: it's not that a bad programmer can do all of those things in that language, it's that a good programmer can't avoid any of those thing.

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