Free as in... freedom?

Free as in... work for free.
Free as in... profits for free.
Free as in... free to destroy our common future.
Free as in...

What are you referring to when you use the word freedom?

I think "freedom" is one of the most popular words that is being used in a way that it can mean just what you choose it to mean.

Recently, I have been looking into the question of licencing and I am glad that I found some approaches that resonate a lot with my take on the things. I came across the following article and I wholeheartedly recommend to read it.


@Phairnix Ginormous face palm on that article. The moment they went "But how does the programmer make money? How do they sell their product? There is no way to solve this dilemma, the programmer simply can't make money" it became apparent they are completely out of touch with reality, perhaps a victim of established marketing. There is no software product to sell, it's not that it exists and it's unethical to sell, it does not exist and that's why it's unethical to sell. Programmers are R&D engineers, and they should be (and mostly are) paid a salary like any other R&D engineers for work they do, it's just that the industry that is backing up their salaries needs to change from a snake oil marketing industry to a real one, where people sell real things like distribution/configuration/maintenance service and warranty (yes that thing that software people's lives or livelioods depend on today often doesn't have, and the flagship license of FSF explicitly mentions).

If you really want to help free software, just stop the political BS, like free software = communism, and open a local business of sysadmining gnu/linux for your direct neighbours. Nobody wants to do that though cause it's actual hard and thankless labour.

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