got openbw to replay, getting rid of some dlmalloc nonsense, next to get a bot to compile (the one I tried was not c++, but some kind of MSVC specific, no includes, no respect for standard abomination) and cobble together enough UI to beat it.

steamhammer this time, another MSVC addict, but managed to beat it into submission

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next is Stardust - absolutely bonkers backwards directory and include structure, but otherwise minimum language level issues. I aint got the micro to kill it with 4 workers, mainly cause probes are OP, so gotta continue working on the UI, but feels like if you can properly body block the building probes you can just kill them one by one, just like with Stormhammer.

note to self: do not download and upload a file at the same time

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another note: so stupid to ever expect something like this to work, I mean a file is a file, it's not like it's a stream or something, and everything is a file, so it's not like there are any alternatives or something... sheesh grow a brain me...

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