c: *bloats memory allocation with size information, cause stupid ass programmer can't keep track of a number*

stupid ass programmer: *still has to keep track of the size to be able to use the memory in any meaningful way*

@namark the ineffiencies in raw C are a legitimate problem and why, particularly when it comes to memory management, things like Java can be 40x faster or more out of the box.

Slated memory allocation in C is ultimately the way to go but since its not built-in a lot of programmers dont do it.

That said nothing stopping someone from coding up C properly and making sure they do exactly that. I just wish more coders did.

@freemo @namark I will just leave it here:
and it's just comparison with C++ which is slower and fatter than well-coded C.
you may look for any other performance comparisons but they all are the same and performance in C is usually taken as a primary measurement unit for performance for other languages.
and yes, writing in C demands brains. no-brainers have no chances with C.

@iron_bug I get that you are furious at the 40x java peddling, but I want to get back to my point, that is if
> writing in C demands brains
why does C assume you don't have enough brains to keep track of allocation size?


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