witness @freemo waving the banhammer at me, after I roasted his religious belief in parker topology

"the only reason I protect you at all when reports come in time and time again is because even people with the maturity of a toddler deserve a voice"

"Act like a mature adult with people, at least within reason and try to, or else I will be forced to escalate the matter."

and this is the same @freemo who would try to publicly humiliate a known troubled teenager

presented motivation: he's getting fed up with the horrible me who is harassing everyone into oblivion
deduced motivation: looking for an excuse to erase the record of the roast

@namark The warning you got was after **many** warning of behaving rudely to people and harassing them.

@namark When you finally cross the line into ban territory ill be sure to freeze your account but not delete it so the record stays up. That way you'll know the motive you pulled out of your ass is BS.

@freemo so that's your takeaway, can't wait to refute that one joke, nice

@namark if it were one isolated "joke" you'd get a pass. This is a constant thing from you and all your jokes seem to be insults, so the only one laughing is you.

@freemo I meant the joke about the deduced motivation, you seem pretty set in that reply on refuting it, and not much more. Meanwhile ignoring the elephant in the room.

@namark I've addressed every one of your excuses for why you think your justified resorting to personal attacks with everyone you meet. I have no need to debate it with you a 20th time.

@freemo that's not the elephant in the room, but instead of spoon-feeding, I'm gonna wait and see if you can maybe pick up on it yourself this time.

@namark I was done putting mental energy into this a while ago. You've been warned. continue to attack random people and be an ass then as I said I will escalate. There is nothing more to discuss. Your move.

@freemo And yet you keep discussing, I take it without thinking then, nice

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