I am in the unfortunate position of needing to consider rehoming my puppy if nothing else works, and I'm hoping something will, because I'll be heartbroken if I have to give her up.

She is eating up every moment of my time with severe (what seems to be) separation anxiety which means I've barely gotten any work done at all. I'm exhausted, and so is my wife, who already has attentional issues, and the lack of sleep has just made functioning at all with such a demanding pup so much harder.

We're at the end of our rope here, and as much as I absolutely adore this dog, I'm not sure my wife and I can provide what she needs, whatever it is. If anyone else here has struggled with something similar and has advice, please let me know. We're desperate.


@johnabs the hardest thing to provide is exercise and that's usually what various problems stem from. An active dog would need 10-15 minutes of intensive exercise several times a day, and until she learns some games like fetching, it will be somewhat intense for you as well to get her going. In my experience if you provide that, everything else just magically gets easier, and otherwise the dog demands constant attention. And intense means really intense like running around until that tongue is out. Initially it might help to take a break from everything else and dedicate a week or two to figuring out a routine that works for both of you.

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