Interesting idea popped in my head today.

A tool that could calculate how many days of “fuel” you have stored up in the form of body fat. Anybody know if one exists?

@nanko That would be neat, but probably too prone to error. I'm not a doctor or anything but I imagine peoples metabolism and whatnot can change.

But I imagine you could get a pretty good guess just based off age/height.

@ephyra You’re right. It’s difficult because metabolic rate is a moving target.

@ephyra @nanko It would be cool if also had an alarm. ! Battery levels dangerously low! Eat More !
:battery_low: 🍰

@dv8 @ephyra Or tell you Battery overcharged!! Risk of damage!! Stop eating!!

@nanko @dv8 That actually kinda sounds like what people that deal with diabetes have going for them

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