#2023 "if youre gonna kill someone, leave your phone at home. amazing alibi."

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Nora: an experimental #Racket implementation using #MLIR (the megapass variant of the #nanopass framework from #LLVM)


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Found badssl.com, which seems really useful for anyone experimenting with HTTPS (or in my case Gemini) clients.

#gemini #protocol

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Remember kids: if the government shutdown this weekend, that includes the FCC.
I've got my RF modulator hooked up already. NTSC analog TV on VHF channel 6 is ready to go the instant the government shuts down.
Pirate TV forever!

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The strain on scientific publishing 📄:

The publishing sector has a problem. Scientists are overwhelmed, editors are overworked, special issue invitations are constant, research paper mills, article retractions, journal delistings… JUST WHAT IS GOING ON!?

Myself, @pablo, @Paolo, and @Dan have spent the last few months investigating just that.

A thread🧵1/n

#AcademicChatter #PublishOrPerish #Elsevier #Springer #MDPI #Wiley #Frontiers #PhDAdvice #PhDChat #SciComm

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The mobile Full-Disk-Encryption unlocking tool unl0kr has just been packaged under Abyssal Linux's abyssal-packages. We are inching ever so closer to getting a functional initramfs up and running!


(I couldn't really take a screenshot of it since it runs on the framebuffer, so here is the example screenshot.)

#VoidLinux #MobileLinux #LinuxMobile #AbyssalLinux #postmarketOS #Linux

Apparenly Ze Future (2051) is here. with any client [1] ... There is even an alternative written in rust [2], not sure if it works though.

[1]: github.com/progval/matrix2051/
[2]: github.com/martinetd/matrirc

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Hey, everybody! We're in the feedback phase. Some more devices have gone to Armenia, USA and Germany.
A few devices have been sent to Mestastic developers. Made some non-critical updates to the interface and functions on the git. We are moving, perhaps slowly, but surely. The basis is still the protocol.
#loratype #lora #electronics #iot #meshtastic #tech

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Hey Fediverse! I just released #Multiplex, an app to watch torrents together. It provides an experience similar to Apple's SharePlay and Amazon's Prime Video Watch Party, except for any #torrent instead of a specific streaming service. Thanks to #WebRTC, it doesn't require a server to sync playback, and can use a gateway if a viewer can't use BitTorrent. It's written in #Go for #GNOME; check it out on GitHub (github.com/pojntfx/multiplex) or install it from Flathub: flathub.org/apps/com.pojtinger ^^

capable bouncers: soju.im and openbsd-centric git.causal.agency/pounce/ . Saying goodbye to znc+weechat stack after a decade of use...

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"With BTFS, you can mount any .torrent file or magnet link and then use it as any read-only directory in your file tree." github.com/johang/btfs

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If you believe that main() is the first bit of code that gets to run, and ever wondered how globals are initialized then, this article is just for you: dbp-consulting.com/tutorials/d

Now I need to find something about dynamic linkers and what happens between mmapping an ELF into memory and calling _start. Any pointers?

#programming #linux

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You've heard of the #emacs vs #vim debate.

A new competitor has entered the arena: "Normal Human"

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