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Hi fediverse,

Which of the following would be the nicest to wrap a low-level 3D geometry (I.e vertices, geometry, topology) operations library written in Rust.

Common Lisp (and which implementation?)

Ideally, I'd like to be able to easily make higher-level operations such as boolean, blend, etc from the low level library and make that as one command in an ergonomic language (with a repl) that allows me to play around easily with various geometrical objects to compose them in increasingly complex ways and then pass the modified object back to the Rust code in case we need to revert a high-level operation operation (this is key). Eventually, a parser would let you pass some math formulae in (Latex?) and execute the live math for you in an interactive way that let's you modify the objects.


[Boosts appreciated]

I'm planning on making a comeback. The summary is that my immune system is trash. I've "accepted" that my life will never be normal and pain is part of it, attempting to numb it only makes things worse. The mind pills my psychiatrist prescribed were definitely fucking me up real bad and causing super negative suicidal thoughts so I'm staying far away from any mind altering drugs.

No more LSD, amphetamines, psilocybin, DMT, Ritalin, alcohol or antidepressants. Fuck all of that. From now on, meditation and exercise only. Accept suffering. Work with what I got.

@be @deavmi Not if you're using pancurses, unfortunately. There are plenty of other examples to show rust isn't immune. It's not that rust is bad, but if you think your code is inherently secure and safe from crashes because it's "memory safe" or "statically typed", then you're gonna learn some hard and painful lessons.

@be @deavmi I've probably dealt with more Java application crashes than any other language over my career.

What that hell is wrong with me I'm so fucking tired for the past 3-5 weeks. I can't fucking do anything. Even vrowsing shit online isntiring af. Anybody here suggests something? Blood work? Sleep study? Amphetamines??? Any chance I can do these without leaving my bed?

spent ~6hrs troubleshooting a problem with my Ubuntu upgrade with a looming deadline. Had to jump many abstraction levels to fix this. Feel like I've just completed a major quest on a videogame. Or the computer geek's equivalent of having gone on an adventure to defeat a dragon.


Hello! I am mirabellensaft. I am a non-binary polyamorous embedded #rust developer. I love painting with #watercolor, #urbansketching, #knitting, #chemistry #cooking and general making and tinkering with stuff.

So, I just learned something new. The #fediverse is not just connected #mastodon instances, but actually consists of several different software platforms, all connecting via the same federating protocol! I had seen references to things like #peertube and #nextcloud, but assumed they were different platforms running on different protocols, but it turns out they're all part of the same fediverse, unified by #ActivityPub. Amazing!


Last year I started to really get into more complex backgrounds. Especially urban areas, perspective and less "natural" sceneries were what I wanted to challenge myself at. So I drew my #OCs (as I always do) in their natural surroundings - a modern urban city filled with #graphicdesign puns and references!

I think I actually got some kind of coherent story out of it - completely unplanned!

[ #MastoArt #Procreate #art #OriginalCharacter #LGBT #LGBTQ ]


Hey, I'm Natalie. lifelong #Programmer by hobby, trade & education. I've got a strong interest in #GameEngine #Programming and #Gameplay. Currently work as a #SoftwareEngineer on #Underwater comms and #Drones. My fav language is #Rust - I also use #Cpp and #Typescript.

Trying to learn #drawing and #art. I also do #woodworking #blacksmithing #camping #YoYos occasionally.

I'll be posting about the #Projects I'm working on, or what #Music I've been listening to.

A tip for new Mastodon users...

Check out your instance's (i.e. server's) local timeline to find some people to follow. Follow them for a bit and you should find others to follow.

It'll be a bit quiet at first because there aren't all the adverts and promoted nonsense you might expect if you came from Twitter.

After a couple of weeks, your home timeline should be a steady stream of interesting toots.

(Hide the boosts of any users you still want to follow, but who boost too much.)

I meant to say **liberal communist Christians** since just being Christian doesn't make you an outsider.

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I have to say #Starmer is doing a great job ...

in making the #Labour party meaningless and so showing the party is not longer a vague threat to the establishment. They're doing a great job keeping the disastrous #Tories in power by offering absolutely no meaningful alternative.

Great work!

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