Looks like this server is blocked by a number of other servers for being federated with fascist or unmoderated servers. ugh.

Setting up a new account at:


@geekmomprojects [Math Processing Error] -- It doesn't have a good track record either. 🤣

@kwf Neither of those screenshots shows it rendered-- did it eventually render for you?

Seems like it refreshes several times, and the last one isn't too beautiful. :(

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\( \begin{aligned}
C_\mathrm{Total} = &~\sum_{t=1}^{T} R_\mathrm{0} - \frac{A}{2} + A T \\
=&~R_\mathrm{0}T - \frac{A}{2}T + A \frac{T(T+1)}{2}
= R_\mathrm{0}T + \frac{1}{2}A T^2
\end{aligned} \)

I've seen worse.

@geekmomprojects @todbot LaTeX display does work, but took about 30 s to load on my browser.

@geekmomprojects @todbot I wrote my dissertation in LaTeX, and haven't used it much since my postdoc. But, I was writing up some technical docs with equations a year or so ago, and broke it out again. What shocked me is that I actually remembered so much of the syntax (for equations -- I never did use much of anything else without copy-pasting templates). Weirdly like riding a bicycle after all these years.

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