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"on the one hand, ux is good yes ok. but also path of absolute least resistance is how the web condensed into three fucking websites. you think it's too complicated that you have to pick the equivalent of an email provider? you would've starved in the jungle of the 90s internet"
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@eevee made a funny observation on twitter: “the web used to be powered by teenagers teaching themselves html from scraps just so they could make a...

(Universal Basic Income) is fairer, cheaper, and simpler than the 20th century fractional reserve banking and 19th century welfare systems we have in place now. It’s time.

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p.s. By the way, a lot of the servers on say "get on waitlist" but this phrasing is misleading.

A lot of these servers don't have a waitlist at all and will accept you pretty quickly, within a few hours in some cases. It's just the server admin is screening out spammers by switching on the "why do you want to join?" form, because spambots find this form harder to cope with.

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A brilliant technology: Red Hydrogen. That’s hydrogen produced through safe nuclear fission. Japan are pushing really hard on this as a replacement for fossil fuels in manufacturing industries where batteries just can’t cut it.

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