Any advice on dealing with climate despair? 'cause it looks like we're all kinda doomed. I found some articles with headlines about not giving up, but they all end with vague insistences that governments and corporations need to change course and we all know they're not going to.

@hasmis Alas, no snow here in the Pacific Northwest. (It tends to snow about one day a year, and we reasonably shut down rather than learn to drive in it.)

I'm also bothered by a (possibly unintentional) subtext to your reply. Yes, winter hasn't been immediately and permanently cancelled, and there will be some record cold temperatures every year -- but there were will be about twice as many record high temperatures:

@peterdrake Hope for benevolent aliens to come along and take away all our pollution causing technology, leaving us potentially only with rocks to bang together and about 4 billion forced vasectomies?

Humanity isn't really good at the whole planet sharing thing yet. We need a time out in our rooms until we can be responsible. I know, I'm a misanthropic auld woman:(

@Nyoei This is approximately the plot to the novel my wife is reading. She makes me look optimistic.

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