Session 3 of my space campaign.

Our heroes fought off a tentacled abomination from the deep and rescued a neurally-enslaved platoon of battlesuited mermaids. Back on the surface of the ice planet, the mermechs attempted to hide by burrowing angel-style into the snow, but they were spotted by the rescue helicopter. This footage fell into the hands of a powerful member of the Charybdis crime family, who sounds exactly like Werner Herzog and made our disgraced scientist an offer he couldn't refuse. After a long night of adventuring, the party has five minutes to get to the starting line for the next leg of the rally race.

Some lines:

"Did the octopus just ingest a whole shipping container of xanax?"

"We could always bankrob at the end of the race."

"Killing people is just, like, rescheduling their deaths."

@peterdrake Look, octopi have problems too, and the current state of things have been rough on everyone, eldritch abomination or otherwise.
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