Every year, students in my CS 488 Software Development course work in teams of 4-8 to build software for an external customer. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, that customer could be you!

Last year's ‚Äčprojects included:

* A video game to teach people about earthquake preparedness.
* Creative animation software for an artist.
* A tool to help a faculty member organize course content.

Do you (or someone you know in a local organization) have a computational problem for which you need a piece of software? Let me know and maybe we can help you out.


Free custom software! This comes with some caveats:

* We usually produce stand-alone desktop applications. Other things are possible, but I'd prefer to stay within this realm.
* These are mostly seniors working on their first large piece of software. I make no guarantees as to quality; you might get something that you can use to do real work, but you might just get a fragile "proof of concept". We use an agile development technique that regularly reexamines goals, priorities, and expectations; this leads to a good probability that we'll have something working by the end of the semester, even if some of your more optimistic features have to be dropped.
* There probably won't be anyone to maintain your program after the semester is over. You might be able to hire some juniors to do more work on it.

WHAT YOU GIVE (We'll work with you on all of these things)

* Create an initial description of your project.
* Create and maintain a list of "user stories"‚Äč (‚Äčthings that you want your program to do‚Äč)‚Äč.
* Commit to meet with the students every other week to discuss progress and priorities. This must be a firm commitment; it's a disaster for me ‚Äčand ‚Äčthe students and me if a customer flakes out.

Please boost and let me know ASAP if you're interested!

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