@brainwane Actually, you can skip that last step because when you tell it to show data labels, then right click on the chart and pick “Format Data Labels”, there’s an option for “Show Value as Percentages”.

Here’s what a rough version of this looks like:

@brainwane I don’t know if there’s a better way, but one way to do it is to calculate the frequencies yourself, so if RESOLVED is column A, you can have a “TRUE” and “FALSE” count like so:


If those are, say, C1 and C2, respectively, then if you want to turn them into percentages, you can add two more rows:

=100 * C1 / (C1 + C2)
=100 * C2 / (C1 + C2)

Then make a pie chart from THOSE two cells.

I have now spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out how to make a particular pie chart in LibreOffice (including web searches, trying a template, etc.) and am giving up; if any of y'all have ever successfully made a pie chart in LibreOffice and wish to help free me of this chartless ignominy, lemme know

@deesapoetra These are turkey vultures: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey_v

They are not endangered, they are very common in the northeastern US.

For two days in a row these vultures were hanging around in the same trees behind my house for hours at a time.

That’s not ominous at all…

@FailForward @mazieres @eumiro That is for given names. It’s not terribly difficult to find lists of given names or lists of surnames, but I’d like more variety. Many people have multiple given names, multiple last names, no last name, no given name, patronymics, etc.

@mazieres @eumiro Very nice data set, and pretty cool analysis, though this does seem to be only surnames, and it doesn’t preserve capitalization.

Noticed this response after I wrote a program that pulls all humans with a birthday in Wikidata with repeated queries filtering by birthday… πŸ˜…

@pganssle @eumiro Hi there. I crafted a corpus of 650k names with countries and ethnicities out of PubMed. HIH ! https://gist.github.com/mazieres/0...

Anyone have a good (open) corpus or generator of human names that covers a good amount of the different types of names people can have?

Preferably tagged with ethnicity or nationality. The names don’t have to be real, just representative.

@eumiro maybe?

@codesections In Python default arguments are evaluated when the function is defined, so something like that would not actually be equivalent to calling it in the body.

@brainwane Time to try and get WMF on board in building some sort of open risk analysis database, as I also suggested here: twitter.com/pganssle/status/13

I feel like it would have to be a major undertaking and I can’t think of anyone other than WMF/Wikipedia who has actually managed to scale something while maintaining a sense of collaboration and openness.

@brainwane Yep yep. Wife is getting hers today.

I’m looking forward to 6 weeks from now, when I can safely start licking strangers’ faces again.

@tost I got the kind with extra 5G microchips, so I mostly just collect shiny bitcoins…

Got my corvid shot today. My toolmaking abilities seem to have improved a little, but I’m also starting to feel an uncontrollable urge to mob hawks and owls…

People who are interested to join in, please keep an eye on github.com/kushaldas/workshops all details will be posted there. 2 days (repeat sessions). 16th and on 18th April. Please comment there so that we can plan better.

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ArchLinux changes 

#PSA: the fontconfig path has changed from /etc/fonts/conf.avail to /usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail #ArchLinux #FontConfig

If anyone’s curious how I landed on this: I signed up to do it because while the incidence of Lyme disease is fairly low in absolute terms, the rate of severe adverse effects from phase 2 trials is also very low.

But it turns out the trial is closing on Monday, so I’d need to get the first shot then, and they want 2 weeks between getting the Lyme vaccine and getting the COVID vaccine β€” and I’m scheduled to get the first COVID vaccine shot on Monday.

I could put off the COVID vaccine for 2 weeks, but I believe that would have practical downsides for me, and I don’t think that the practical benefits of getting the Lyme vaccine aren’t high enough to overwhelm that.

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