@glyph Unfortunately no one right now (Fedi or Twitter) has a good system for plugins to allow you did reorder or filter your own feeds (other than implementing your own client, which is way overkill and requires multi-platform support), or I’d be training a classifier to remove even vagueposting. One day, maybe…

@glyph I mean if you include or or something, it would allow me to filter it out automatically.

I’m not bothered by the fact that it’s vague, I’m bothered by the fact that the vagueness prevents be from filtering it out, which imposes upon me the knowledge that something unpleasant is in the news.

@glyph TBH I’m not crazy about these oblique references. I don’t know if you are worried about summoning Reply Guys or something, but I’ve got filters set up so that it is increasingly rare that I have news, drama or politics in my feed, but stuff like these oblique references manage to get through.

@hugovk Yep, chaos is pretty inevitable with a change on this short notice, though Lebanon is a particularly egregious example of this now.

Dear Google: when I am searching for a Python term, I would like you to prioritize the results pointing to the actual python.org documentation, not the dozen content farms that have popped up that republish copies of the Python documentation so they can cover them with ads.

Son: “Papa, what do you want for your birthday?”
Me: “How about a hug?”
Son: “No, something I can give you.”
Me: “Buddy you are by present, how about just hanging out with me?”
Son: “No, something you wrap.”

And as usual, if you have the ear of someone involved in setting time zone policy in Lebanon (or anywhere), maybe send them this article: codeofmatt.com/on-the-timing-o

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Latest version of tzdata (2023b) is out (on PyPI and upstream!): pypi.org/project/tzdata/

This includes a change to Lebanon’s Daylight Saving Time going into effect… this weekend, so don’t delay in your updates if you work with any datetimes in Lebanon!

@shironeko If it does the thing where it looks for a similar file, I don’t know why it’s not finding Lib/_datetime.py in main, because those files are very close to identical.

@shironeko The problem is that I think when you try to git cherry-pick A onto B, I don’t think git will go, “Oh let me find the common parent of A and B, following the history of each file to find the target files in B in case they’ve been renamed in either A or B”, I think it looks for a file with the same name in the same location or maybe it does that, then if it doesn’t find one, it looks for a file in B that is sufficiently similar to A that you could call it the same file.

@shironeko Another option would be to basically put the entire Python implementation in the except block of a try: ... except ImportError construct, but that’s ugly and horrible and also I’m not sure it would play any nicer with git cherry-pick anyway.

@shironeko That’s how it already works. Right now import datetime defines the whole Python implementation, then tries to import the C implementation to overwrite it.

After this change, import datetime will work more like import zoneinfo, where it tries to import the C implementation, then on failure it imports the Python implementation.

If you are a expert and understand how cherry-pick works at a fundamental level, I’d appreciate if you could take a look at this StackOverflow question: stackoverflow.com/q/75825183/4

Trying to figure out the best way to merge a specific PR that will make importing datetime significantly faster.

There actually does seem to be quite a bit of overlap between what he’s talking about and what @simon has done with datasette and dogsheep.

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Found it: this was Pascal van Kooten on Podcast.__init__: pythonpodcast.com/nostalgia-pe

He was talking about his project Nostalgia: nostalgia-dev.github.io

Paul Ganssle  
I vaguely recall that I listened to an episode of @talkpython or Podcast.__init__ or something where the guest had some sort of elaborate system fo...

Aww yeah, I am very ready for some lab grown meat: npr.org/sections/health-shots/

I’m guessing just 2-4 more years of bureaucratic hurdles until it’s available but expensive, then 15 more years until I can eat a cultivated eagle steak with elephant marbling.

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