Juggling starts a little early today: 3:45 in the open space hallway! #PyConUS

Luckily my target audience — parents of 2-6 year olds — is used to getting up early 😅

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“Hm… maybe if I wear a fake mustache and a hat, I can sign up for two lightning talks in a row, and then I don’t have to cut this one down quite so brutally….”

Some motivation for you to get up and to the venue early tomorrow morning: I’ll be giving a lightning talk about my (FOSS) chord trainer application (for children).

Tomorrow morning’s #PyConUS lightning ⚡️🌩️ talks have been selected and speakers selected have been emailed! Please keep your 👀 peeled as we have some logistics in the email for y’all!

Thanks! CC: @Thepsf @pyladies

@edrogers Great! I might have to duck out of lightning talks early actually, so I will keep them on me tomorrow if I don’t see you on my way out.

By the way for various reasons I happen to have a bunch of Google Open Source swag to give away and nowhere to give it away, so if you are at and want a flashlight, let me know.

@pganssle giving a talk walking those familiar with unittest on the basics (and some advanced items) on #pytest at #PyConUS

I use pytest daily, but still found this talk pretty helpful. (Note to self: '--stepwise')


Pro tip for #pyconus #pycon speakers, presenters, tutorial hosts - dark text on white background is more legible than vice versa. The projector does a better job at projecting white light and the dark text shows off in a better contrast. As a member of the audience it’s more legible on a projector screen than white text on dark background - especially from far.

I have a very specific question about Matplotlib usage at NASA in the Science Mission Directorate:

Does anyone know of usage of Matplotlib specifically in the Biological and Physical Sciences Division?

@glyph No I don’t mean you should deprecate the function. I think we, as a society, should heap approbation and disdain on humans who use 12 hour clocks. 12 hour clocks are ridiculous.

@glyph Needs a deprecation warning. Not that you can actually deprecate the use of 12 hour clocks by fiat in a random library, but it’s worth a shot.

@alex @glyph I didn’t think you need the .time there, right?

#pycon2024 #PyCon #PyConUS2024

If you are coming in person to #PyConUS in Pittsburgh this weekend, and are comfortable playing the guitar in public, let me know? I may be preparing a surprise for the 20th anniversary of Beautiful Soup harihareswara.net/posts/2024/c .

@hynek That is exactly what a criminal would do. Maybe I should print labels that say “Cocaine” and “Heroin”, since that is something no smuggler would do.

@alex I’ve never seen it for sale in smaller containers.

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