This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a small microwavable, reusable container (preferably plastic or otherwise hard to break)?

I often cook up rice and break it up into ~100g portions, which I freeze and re-heat later. Right now they take up way too much freezer space because I put them in Hillshire Farms containers.

I have a bunch of 4.5” x 4.5” x 2” rubbermade containers that are about the right size, but if I microwave those they usually develop pits or cloudiness.

I’d love something small and shallow like that, but made of gladware or something.

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I’m open options other than rigid containers, but rigid containers seem easiest to clean.

@pganssle I meal prep for breakfast and lunch and we love using deli containers (e.g. DuraHome on amazon). They're great for breakfast meal prep, soups, chilis, rice, etc. Love how they stack (esp. in a drawer) and wash in the dishwasher

@ejodlowska These 8oz ones look pretty close to what I want:

They don’t get cloudy or pitted or anything in the microwave? If so that might be a winner.

@pganssle No cloudiness nor indentations...however, if you warp it to fit it into your dishwasher, it may come out that shape

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