I’ll be giving a talk on time zones at tomorrow (April 21st) at 14:30 MDT. If that sounds interesting to you, please join me in 355DEF or online!

The slides are here:


• 2:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time conversion to worldwide times:

Adelaide 6:00 AM Next Day
Athens* 11:30 PM
Auckland 8:30 AM Next Day
Beijing 4:30 AM Next Day
Berlin* 10:30 PM
Brisbane 6:30 AM Next Day
Cairo 10:30 PM
Calgary* 2:30 PM
Cape Town 10:30 PM
Chicago* 3:30 PM
Denver* 2:30 PM
Dubai 0:30 AM Next Day
Hong Kong 4:30 AM Next Day
Honolulu 10:30 AM
Houston* 3:30 PM
Jakarta 3:30 AM Next Day
Karachi 1:30 AM Next Day
Kiev* 11:30 PM
Kuala Lumpur 4:30 AM Next Day
Lagos 9:30 PM
London* 9:30 PM
Los Angeles* 1:30 PM
Manila 4:30 AM Next Day
Melbourne 6:30 AM Next Day
Mexico City* 3:30 PM
Moscow 11:30 PM
Mumbai 2:00 AM Next Day
Nairobi 11:30 PM
New York* 4:30 PM
Paris* 10:30 PM
Perth 4:30 AM Next Day
Phoenix 1:30 PM
Riyadh 11:30 PM
Santiago* 5:30 PM
Sao Paulo 5:30 PM
Singapore 4:30 AM Next Day
Sydney 6:30 AM Next Day
Tel Aviv* 11:30 PM
Toronto* 4:30 PM
Vancouver* 1:30 PM

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