One day I hope ML technology advances to the point that I can describe a shirt and find out if someone is selling something like it.


Carter’s has this shirt for kids, but I can’t find an adult version anywhere. Trying to tell Amazon or a search engine that it’s important that the shirt have all three colors (much less in a specific order) seems impossible.

@alex Yeah, that’s not bad, but the order matters, and nothing I see has light blue on top and dark blue on the bottom.

Plus, this is a rare case where I have a picture of the thing I want. Sometimes I want something like, “A t-shirt with a gradient going from dark red on the bottom to golden yellow on the top, with black trim”, and I can’t find any examples of it.

@alex That said, I am not amazingly hopeful about this technology because whenever I ask a question or make a statement to humans that has like 3-4 requirements, I get a bunch of suggestions for stuff that is vaguely similar and meets 2 of the requirements.

@pganssle we may be getting different (regional) results, and/or you want a closer colour match than I guessed. I thought was close enough.

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