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Can’t believe they went with that ugly copper / tan color.

Though I’ve really been meaning to write an article about exactly why I think permanent DST is a bad idea.

I still need to get this plot looking nicer (it’s a sun graph for New York, with DST):

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Definitely not worth $4000, but if I were on Jeopardy and got this clue, I would have been very sorely tempted to answer, “What is 01189998819991197253?”

The branding of this restaurant in Madrid is really sending mixed messages about its legitimacy.

Every day as a parent, explaining why your kids need to do not fun stuff that is good for them:

D… does the Travel Town Museum have a (decommissioned?) nuclear powered train?

Also saw some Cedar Waxwings in a tree right across the street from the swallow. This isn’t my first time seeing those, but they’re still reasonably rare (and not to mention pretty).

Too bad it’s such a dreary day…

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Saw this gorgeous tree swallow on my “walk to work” this morning. Been seeing this one and another one around these last few days, but this season is the first time I’ve ever seen them!

Who needs airline status when you can get boarding priority by traveling with young children?

So relaxing…

Lego isn’t even pretending anymore. They’re just straight up making caltrops.

As usual, I had to cut a bunch of stuff when I went way over time.

I probably should have been tipped off that my “xfail and code coverage” slides weren’t going to make the cut when I put this one together:

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Why yes, I am something of a gourmet; how could you tell?

Ah yes, a banana is the perfect exemplar of the letter “C”, considering that they have so many carbohydrates!

To be fair, it was jumping around between “way too high” and a mostly accurate number.

Probably there is a software solution to this when I get a chance to hack on it.

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Hmm… Not enthused about the accuracy of my ’s heart rate monitor…

Here’s the Sun Graph for New York City:

Notice how the DST transition keeps sunrise relatively constant? That’s actually a decent feature, particularly for people like me (and people with young children) who tend to get up with the sun.

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Back when I was in college trying to be self-consciously weird, I went out and bought a briefcase and filled it with gummy bears.

My plan was to try to make someone curious enough to surreptitiously open the briefcase, only exacerbating their curiosity and driving them mad.

We still sent them, of course.

Coincidentally, we also put in a little card for each of the parents with mine and my wife’s contact info in case the other parents want to get in touch. 😅

Maybe these delicious cookies my wife & son made will minimize the flood of imputations…

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Sent this “scratch art” kit out to all the kids at my son’s school for Valentine’s Day; I think you can tell that we have a bit of a “free range” parenting philosophy from how long it took us to think some might object to us arming a bunch of 3-4 year olds with sharpened sticks…

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