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For anyone who is interested in how my quest for a perfect rice container went, I ended up going with these, which seem pretty much perfect:

They’ve held up just fine through multiple cycles of dishwasher and microwave, and they stack perfectly.

Paul Ganssle  
This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a small microwavable, reusable container (preferably plastic or otherw...

Pro-tip: When you are done eating your Lucky Charms, these packing materials are actually edible, and can be used as bird seed or compost!

I have a bunch of 4.5” x 4.5” x 2” rubbermade containers that are about the right size, but if I microwave those they usually develop pits or cloudiness.

I’d love something small and shallow like that, but made of gladware or something.

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We seem to have lost one of the “2” decorations, but thanks to a bit of quick thinking, I don’t think anyone will notice.

When you’re doing walking lunges next to someone doing high steps and another person doing lateral band walks.

Yesterday I released version 0.6.0 of my audiobook RSS server, audio-feeder:

It takes your directory of audiobooks and generates an RSS feed for each one, so that you can listen to them in your standard podcast listening flow.

I’m particularly happy with the new feature “rendered feeds”, which uses ffmpeg behind the scenes to generate alternate feeds where the audiobook is broken up along different lines.

Hm… PEP 621 deliberately doesn’t have a replacement for setuptools’s license, but they do have a license key that is equivalent to license_files. Unfortunately, this is what PyPI does with the data in that field:

Not great.

I always associate this “one option in grey and one option in bright red” with dark patterns. Is the Red Cross trying to trick me into claiming a gift card for some reason? Or do UX designers today just not know how to design neutral interfaces?

Is it a bad sign when your fitness tracker says your heart rate is 0?

Can’t believe they went with that ugly copper / tan color.

Though I’ve really been meaning to write an article about exactly why I think permanent DST is a bad idea.

I still need to get this plot looking nicer (it’s a sun graph for New York, with DST):

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Definitely not worth $4000, but if I were on Jeopardy and got this clue, I would have been very sorely tempted to answer, “What is 01189998819991197253?”

The branding of this restaurant in Madrid is really sending mixed messages about its legitimacy.

Every day as a parent, explaining why your kids need to do not fun stuff that is good for them:

D… does the Travel Town Museum have a (decommissioned?) nuclear powered train?

Also saw some Cedar Waxwings in a tree right across the street from the swallow. This isn’t my first time seeing those, but they’re still reasonably rare (and not to mention pretty).

Too bad it’s such a dreary day…

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Saw this gorgeous tree swallow on my “walk to work” this morning. Been seeing this one and another one around these last few days, but this season is the first time I’ve ever seen them!

Who needs airline status when you can get boarding priority by traveling with young children?

So relaxing…

Lego isn’t even pretending anymore. They’re just straight up making caltrops.

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