Plus ça change. It didn't work then. Trouble is, it's kinda working now.

This seems like the reasonable take on the Crocus attacks. I'm not going to link to TwiXter, and Illia Ponomorenko's unauthorized fedibot replicators over here don't seem reliable, so screenshot it is.

I'm also a fan of his glowing reports on the lovely Potemkin villages of Catherine the Great's time, to say nothing of the downright utopian model city that is Pyongyang

The current Prime Minister of Poland, and President of the European Council 2015-2019, today:

While I'm talking about projects, here's my just-completed weather widget, based on a Pi Pico W and a 3.7" e-ink display. It reads the temperature and humidity from another Pico with a sensor attached that's out on the back porch, and the forecast from the National Weather Service, uses a bit of fuzzy logic to select icons, and displays as many as can comfortably fit into the allocated area of the display.

This is rather more than the Pico can do well by itself, so this is all done by a script on another machine; this device just requests it at suitable intervals and displays it.

It all started because I got tired of going and looking at the mercury thermometer out back to find the temperature, toyed with the idea of pointing a camera at it, and ultimately decided to make this instead.

Ha. Ten minutes with a utility knife and I no longer have to remove this Zero 2 W from the case to access the SD card.

at my

This ship, the "Icon of the Seas" is generating a lot of controversy. Up to a point, i don't see the problem.

By all means, let everyone who wants to board it do so, and let it sail. The only part I object to is letting it ever come back.

Tell me you haven't been paying your hosting and bandwidth bills without telling me you haven't been paying your hosting and bandwidth bills

And this, today, to the BBC; he openly states its purpose and that Opposition accusations were correct, accusations he denied as a Government minister at the time.

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