@rbreich Trump's grandfather was an illegal emigrant from Germany, and subsequently had his German citizenship revoked for failure to do national service.

Germany didn't exactly send their best, did they?


It's pretty normal to include the original commenter when replying to a reply, which is why this app is set up to do so by default. But of course I will remove you from any further conversation with him. Gladly.

@SNerd @AnarchoNinaWrites When did "the left" "abandon pollution"? I didn't get that memo.

As a matter of priority, thanks to some regulatory victories the air over cities is cleaner of particulates and NOx, etc than it was a couple of decades ago, while atmospheric CO2 concentrations are far worse, and the resultant climate change is an existential threat, so you can see how the emphasis might have changed. How is that a conspiracy?

@beebrookshire It's remarkable that even in so brief a video so many managed to miss the point, to wit: bears pretty reliably want nothing to do with you. Sure, most men would also have no interest in harming you, but for a very different value of "most": we're talking two-digit probability there as opposed to statistically almost nil.

@helgztech @brianb Not sure I take your meaning. Even Wikipedia says not to cite Wikipedia.

BBC Cut Most Of My Comments Criticising Rishi Sunak & Brexit So I’ve Added Them Back In!

@juancho_me @randahl "Don't hunt rabbit: see the Looney Tunes series from Warner Bros about the consequences"

@SeanJones Same faultless brexit logic that said "supercharge our exports by unilaterally reintroducing trade barriers and tariffs and, oh yes, continually demonising our partners, out loud."

Apple crush commercial, but it's smashing cyber trucks, crypto mining rigs, llm servers, the boston dynamics robots, army drones, etc. Has anyone made this version yet?

@bruces Black hole at the center, energy barrier at the rim, this galaxy's just a playpen designed by a mad god, isn't it

@w7voa Because if there's anything you really want in a battle for supremacy against a modern military supplied by NATO countries, it's North Korean weapons made in the 1970s.

@Karen5Lund Eighteen is still too long. I could see 12. Just barely.

Soviet actor Georgi Burkov in his memoirs first released in 1998 (found by Maxim Mirovich):

> The Bolsheviks need the atomic bomb to stay in power, i.e. against their own people. It won't be long before they start blackmailing the whole world, so that the whole world begs us, the people, not to make a revolution and to tolerate these ghouls and support them

Very much to the point both then and now.

@forpeterssake @AnnemarieBridy

Downright spooky you should mention it. A few hours ago I was looking to dispose of a utility razorblade after a project, and the dispenser box wasn't the kind with disposal storage. Not wanting to dispose of it in a way that could injure someone down the line, I slipped it into the slot included in the back of our 1950s-era steel medicine cabinet.

I hope there's a kind of pocket back there to catch them rather than a pile of razor blades inside the wall waiting to injure the unwary demolition worker or DIYer.


Which nevertheless does nothing to refute the suggestion that he's a better candidate than Trump.

*sigh* Whatever the merits of this, it's more fodder for the crazies.

@w7voa Cue RW demands to build a fence on our border with Azerbaijan

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