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Anyone else not had a real haircut since the beginning of 2020? On the plus side I've become fairly adept with the Wahl trimmer.

Perhaps the most accurate prediction in "2001: A Space Odyssey" is when Bowman and Poole are watching the same streaming video on their respective tablets (in portrait orientation) while eating dinner.

Never really understood why nobody ever wanted to come over and play Manholes of Venus™️ until I stumbled on this historic document just now.

Still puzzled about the Twit-In-Chief: 

Does Musk really still not get what verification was for, or is he just playing, Trump-style, to what he supposes -- unfortunately fairly accurately -- is an aggrieved rabble's infinite capacity for resentment?

[Tearful train station farewells to Mr. I. P. Nightly, Mr. Rusty Bedsprings, etc]

On reading a rec for the Netflix series "Traitors", I've just gone an looked, and it certainly seems to present a logical sequence of events:

Just found this on a shelf in my downstairs office. An unopened box of Necco Cyber Speak candy from the 1990s.

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